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TIME Xpresso 12 Titanium Carbon Pedals

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TIME Xpresso 12 Titanium Carbon Pedals

Brand: TIME Bikes
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First, we have found the Xpresso to be the easiest pedal to engage. This comes from the pedal resting in an "open" or "cocked" position prior to stepping into the pedal. In other words, the spring is trying to help you engage rather than fighting it. Second, these pedals are light. The TIME Xpresso 12 Titanium Carbon Pedals feature a titanium spindle and a 250gr per pair weight making it is as light as they come. The Xpresso pedals use a lighter cleat than the competitors that is still durable and walking friendly. The entire Xpresso series features TIME’s biomechanical features including rotational float, lateral float and an incredibly low stack height. We have found the pedal also has a great feeling underfoot with a wide and stable platform and not too much force trying to recenter the cleat. All in all, this pedal is quickly becoming our go to recommendation for those without a favorite pedal system already.