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Topeak MTX Dual Side Frame

SKU: 210000080989

Topeak MTX Dual Side Frame

Brand: Topeak
Categories: Fenders-racks
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The Topeak MTX Dual Side Frame is a bicycle accessory that is designed to be mounted onto the frame of a bike, providing a sturdy platform for the attachment of Topeak MTX Trunk Bags and other compatible accessories.

The frame is constructed from lightweight, durable aluminum and features a quick-release mechanism that allows for easy attachment and removal of the Topeak MTX Trunk Bag. The frame also has a dual-side design, which means that it can accommodate two Topeak MTX Trunk Bags simultaneously, one on each side of the bike.

In addition to its compatibility with Topeak MTX Trunk Bags, the MTX Dual Side Frame also features a range of mounting options for other accessories, such as water bottle cages, pumps, and lights.