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Ultradynamico Cava JFF

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Ultradynamico Cava JFF

Brand: Ultradynamico
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The Ultradynamico Cava JFF stands for Just For Fun. While that may mean the tires are perfect for cruising the bike paths with the kiddos, they’re also primo for hitting the gravel roads with the race crew for a long day of training.

The Cava JFF is a more durable version of the Cava Race tire but perfect for training when a few extra grams are a worthwhile tradeoff for the confidence of fewer punctures as you grind away the miles in the mountains bikepacking or on the country roads on your gravel bike. Just For Fun (JFF) or in the heat of a race, the Cava JFF will get the job done.

The distinctive Ultradynamico 3D Diamond File tread grips soft grainy roads to provide up to 30% more traction than a typical gravel road slick tire. That means better handling, better acceleration, better braking, and better cornering. Better is good.

Made with a carbon compound for longer tread wear, the Casa JFF are tubeless compatible and more than Just For Fun - they might also be called Just For Fast as your training sessions just got better.

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