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Ultradynamico Cava Robusto

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Ultradynamico Cava Robusto

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Featuring a distinctive 3D diamond file tread, the Ultradynamico Cava Robusto tires provide the racing feel of a slick tire while supplying predictable traction and cornering ability when the gravel roads get a little looser. The Robusto sidewall protection makes the Cava Robusto as comfortable in race conditions as they are on a backcountry bikepacking trip on your gravel bike or bikepacking bike alike.

Available in both 700c x 42 and 650B x 47.99 sizes, the Cava Robusto tire has 20-30% more traction than a traditional gravel slick tire thanks to the 3D Diamond tread that grips the grainy terrain and spits it out so your speed and handling remain constant coming out of turns or sprinting to the finish.

Extra durable and resistant to tread slashes, the Ultradynamico Cava Robusto tires retain their superior grip in wet or dry conditions.

A true gravel touring tire, the Ultradynamico has exceptional ride quality but weighs a bit more than its Cava Race sibling due to the sidewall protection.

Tubeless compatible, the Cava Robusto tires are perfect for meandering or high-speed noodling alike.

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