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Ultradynamico ROSÉ JFF 650b x 47.99

SKU: 210000110329

Ultradynamico ROSÉ JFF 650b x 47.99

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JFF means Just For Fun and the Ultradynamico ROSÉ JFF tire is just that. Fun, lightweight, and as capable on the local bike path as it is on a double-track fire road in the forest. The Ultradynamico ROSÉ JFF tire is everything the ROSÉ Race tire is but with a dose of carbon to extend tread life and a more durable casing to make your rides longer and more reliable because fast is fun but fixing flats is a drag.

The unique 3D Diamond tread offers up stellar traction on tougher trails and roads, enabling you to climb, descend, and dig into your terrain with confidence that your tires are up to any challenge you give them.

Transitioning from pavement to dirt is a breeze with the Ultradynamico ROSÉ JFF tires. The grip digs into the soft stuff as you accelerate into the dirt and away from your race competitors.

As the name implies, the ROSÉ JFF is a racing tire designed for lots of speed while shedding sharp rocks and grinding over obstacles.

Compatible with tubeless wheels, the Ultradynamico ROSÉ JFF has a continuous center tread for optimal propulsion and weighs a scant 515 grams and is a 650B exclusive tire.

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