Urban Arrow Family Cargo E-Bike


Urban Arrow Family Cargo E-Bike

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The traditional Dutch bike is if nothing but durable. Traditionally using steel tubing older suspension design, they are built to be abused. Few bikes have adopted modern materials, even in the heavy cargo bike (bakfiets) scene. Urban Arrow is a bit different. The Urban Arrow Family Cargo E-Bike is one of the most advanced cargo bikes on the market, thanks to it's substantial change in materials and technology.

The start of every Urban Arrow cargo bike is it's frame. The aluminum frame isn’t just light, but far stiffer and ideal for heavy loads. The alloy frame allows for two wheelbases - one for family and one for smaller needs - which makes the bike extremely versatile. Set in it's long wheelbase setting, it's EPS foam (same foam as a helmet) box allows for all kinds of precious cargo while offering strong impact resistance. It can be also used with it's flat bed to carry any number of things. Swap out the front end for the Shorty model, and it becomes much more like a regular bike with additional cargo space.

Two things set the Urban Arrow apart from the competition: it's pedal-assist motor and it's unique drivetrain. The Bosch Performance Line pedal-assist motor is Bosch’s strongest motor, and offers up to 350W of power up the biggest hills and lots of torque to get the bike accelerating to a safe speed. Further, there is no derailleur but instead an internal gear hub, and not just any internal gear hub but a wide range Nuvinci 380 system offers a wide gear range with infinitely ratios, but much lower maintenance. Unlike most bikes, there are no clicks' between gears, but a smooth roll that allows riders to be in the perfect gear every time.

The Urban Arrow Family Cargo E-Bike offers a long wheelbase, which isn’t just roomier, but means the bike is impressively stable at speeds. It takes a bit of adjustment coming from a normal bicycle, but the extra stability is certainly welcome. It's alloy frame is stiffer than the competition’s steel bikes and lighter too, which makes steering much more direct than the competition. Simply put: if you're carrying toddlers as opposed to infants, as well as heavier gear over longer distances, the Urban Arrow Family cargo bike is one of the best options around.

The Urban Arrow Family uses an aluminum frame and the long-wheelbase option. It uses a Bosch Performance Line motor, a 400Wh battery, and a Nuvinci Nfinity 330 internally geared hub. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes slow the bike down quickly and reliably, while the Weinmann wheelset is durable and built for the day-to-day slog. An Abus Cafe Lock locks the rear wheel into place.

Family/Performance / $6999

The UA4 includes the Bosch Performance motor with a 400wh battery, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. Perfect for rolling terrain or hilly urban/suburban areas.

Family/Cargo / $7999

The UA4 with Magura ABS brakes includes the Bosch Cargo motor, 500wh battery, and a Bosch Kiox display. The more powerful motor was designed for mountain bikes so more hilly conditions or heavier loads are no problem.

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