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WTB Brass TCS Valve

SKU: 210000086418

WTB Brass TCS Valve

Brand: WTB
Categories: Tubes
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Our aluminum TCS tubeless valves shed grams, come in catchy anodized red, orange, green, black, or blue, and are available in 34 and 46mm lengths for various rim depths. A stepped lock nut provides compatibility for various sizes of spoke holes while a removable core makes setting beads a cinch. Add some bling to your fancy wheels with aluminum TCS valves. Looking for something bombproof? Our brass TCS tubeless valves provide ultimate reliability at an even more affordable price point.


  • Aluminum alloy keeps these colorful tubeless valves light, and shaves valuable rotational grams off of your wheels.
  • Sold in packs of 2.
  • Stepped lock nut adds compatibility among various valve drillings. Removable core makes setting beads a cinch.