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Yuba Boda Pegs

SKU: 210000107663

Yuba Boda Pegs

Brand: Yuba
Categories: Fenders-racks
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The Yuba Boda Pegs are an accessory designed to provide additional foot support for passengers on Yuba Boda Boda cargo bikes. The pegs attach to the rear frame of the bike and provide a sturdy surface for passengers to rest their feet while riding.

The Boda Pegs are made of durable aluminum and are designed to withstand outdoor use. They can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate passengers of different sizes and are compatible with a range of Yuba Boda Boda cargo bike models.

The Yuba Boda Pegs are a practical accessory for those who frequently ride with passengers on their Yuba Boda Boda cargo bike, providing additional comfort and support for their passengers' feet during longer rides.