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Yuba Soft Spot Seat Cushion

SKU: 210000124989

Yuba Soft Spot Seat Cushion

Brand: Yuba
Categories: Fenders-racks
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Yuba's new and improved Soft Spot seat cushions offer passengers young and old a comfortable ride on the back of any Yuba cargo bicycle. 

The Soft Spot seat cushion from Yuba is easy to install on the rear rack of Yuba' longtail bikes and they are now waterproof.

This re-design with air-pockets improves comfort and are easy to clean – with a simple wipe-down. Installation is still just as simple with hook & loop straps.

The Soft Spot: dimensions 16″ x 7″ x 2″
Covers half the rear platform length on the Mundo and Spicy Curry, and 2/3 of the rear rack on the Boda Boda and Kombi E5.