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Yuba Bamboo Box Supercargo

SKU: 210000143983

Yuba Bamboo Box Supercargo

Brand: Yuba
Categories: Fenders-racks
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Meet the remarkable Bamboo Box – the ultimate solution for all your transportation needs. Built strong, stable, and resistant, this front box made of 3-ply bamboo is designed to securely carry your groceries, tools, or little ones. It's compatible with the Supercargo/Supermarché and Supercargo CL, and can be easily assembled with the Bamboo Baseboard (sold separately). Rest assured, Yuba's bamboo products are not only durable but also sustainable. Plus, they adhere to the REACH guidelines, ensuring safety from harmful chemicals. With a one-year warranty on structural integrity, the Bamboo Box is here to exceed your expectations.