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ZIPP 3ZERO MOTO Carbon Wheels

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ZIPP 3ZERO MOTO Carbon Wheels

Brand: Zipp
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For years, Zipp has been seen largely as a road bike company, aiming their comprehensive line of road wheels toward speed thru aerodynamic design and construction. As their focus has turned to mountain bikes, they've built their new line with a focus instead on control and durability. By doing so, the new Zipp 3ZERO MOTO carbon wheels can still be about pure speed, just with a different approach.

The key to speed is what Zipp calls their Moto Technology. Their single-wall carbon rim design, pulled from motocross rim designs, allows the rim to pivot on each side of the spoke while riding through chunder and rough terrain. Zipp says that this ability to twist around the spokes allows the rim to twist around corners like a runner's ankle and deflect impact. Enduro legend Jérôme Clementz says it gives the feeling of extra suspension; we say it makes for a mountain bike wheel for the speed-obsessed.

Between Zipp's claims of higher impact resistance, more traction in rough corners, and a smoother ride in rocky terrain are quintessential ways to find free speed. But reduced arm pump and rider fatigue are part of a newer ideology that smooth is fast, and fast is smooth. They're not wrong.

The Zipp 3ZERO MOTO wheelset is available in both 27.5 and 29" wheel sizes with a 30 mm internal width. Zipp uses their black anodized Zipp ZM1 hubs, with freehub compatibility for Shimano HG or SRAM XD hub options. Max rider weight is listed at 275 lbs, and wheelsets weigh in at 1825 grams and 1910 grams, respectively. The 3ZERO MOTO carbon wheelset is designed with trail and enduro use in mind.