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Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Disc Brake Tubular Wheel

SKU: 210000130586

Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Disc Brake Tubular Wheel

Brand: Zipp
Categories: Wheels
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The Zipp 454 NSW Tubular Disc-brake wheelset promises to be one of Zipp's most aerodynamic wheels available at any depth or price point. Paired to the tubular rim and tire compatibility, there are few options that are lighter and more aerodynamic than these Zipp carbon disc brake wheels for a road bike. 

There are a few reasons for all of the speed. Part of it comes down to Zipp's Sawtooth rim profile which Zipp uses to reduce both side and aerodynamic drag. What that means is that not only will you be going faster for your power output, it will be easier to go in a straight line when there are crosswinds. More confident bike handling, smoother pedaling speed, and Zipp's Cognition V2 hubs makes the 454 NSW wheels one of the best options for road bikes around. 

If you're looking for wheels that will make your road bike faster, there are few better options than Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Disc Brake Wheelset. Tubular tires are the fastest option, and this adds more performance and speed.