Remember these throwbacks

Cycling jerseys have come a long way. Colors and styles range from the simple to the extremely over the top. Take a look at a few through the years and see if you can guess the general era they are from.

That's some serious Flock of Seagulls hair. Their rival team were the guys with the Miller Lite Vortex bottle jerseys.
Trucker hats were legal forms of head protection at this time. Rock Racing was the Adam Sandler movie of cycling teams, it was entertaining for about 15 minutes then you just felt gross for having watched it.
With this head band I'm reminded of a little tune called "lets get physical"
Zebra versus Lion in a sprint... lion's gonna win
Stevie Wonder wouldn't like this jersey. With ideas like this we're not that far off from a mesh cycling jersey. It's the big foot print that really brings this one together.
Who could forget this one. This was the Mona Lisa of cylcing jerseys. It was the Bently, the Monte Cristo, the Air Jordans with the velcro strap your mom refused to buy you, the downtown of the uptown, the white walls, the yin and the yang, the Frankenstien to the Wolfman, the Pontiac fire bird in a land of Nissan Sentras, the watching Goonies on TBS on a Sunday at 11pm with nothing to do the next day. Ok I went a little bit of a rant there but you get the idea


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Ryan says
February 15th, 2012

while you were looking at the picture of Gaggioli's beautiful locks he stole your wallet!

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