Roller Race 2.0!

It’s coming around to Roller Race time.  It’s an annual fun, challenging, sweat inducing, side splitting romp.  There are many themes I’m considering but my main drive is to DE-throne Reed.  He’s the three time champ and he must be destroyed.   He’s the Darth Vader of the roller race inflicting his imperial ways upon the good guys like myself.  Do you have what it takes?  The great part of the Roller Race is everyone can get their best shot in and have some fun.  Be on the look out for many details.  Of course there’s always a twist to the Roller Race so be ready for anything.

Remember the good times.

Ok so maybe this never happened last year but if Paul Bunion shows up to roller race on a couple of tree trunks I’d give him a shot.  You Surly owners should seriously consider this.






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