The Full Scoop on the Swoopy Pinarello Grevil

Few things are more interesting than watching people visually take in the new Pinarello Grevil. Pinarello’s latest gravel bike is their most expressive design yet, and simply from people looking at this bike, I’ve seen the whole range of human emotion: fear, surprise, sadness, and happiness. Fortunately, it’s purposeful design, excellent build spec, and a laundry list of features make the Pinarello Grevil one of the most exciting gravel bikes on the market.

2019 Pinarello Grevil+ Gravel Bike - Contender Bicycles

Pinarello Grevil Fork Flaps Onda Fork - Contender Bicycles

Back to the bike. There’s a lot going on here, and if you’re into smooth surfacing in design, then the Grevil isn’t for you. It’s a study in purposeful, asymmetric lines. Up front, the curvy Onda aero fork crown curves into the downtube for aerodynamics. Further, Pinarello’s Forkflap fairings make an appearance here, but the non drive-side fork flap smooths airflow over the disc brake caliper and shields the brake caliper against bashes. Even with all the extra tire clearance, the array of bulges and curves tie the bike to the Dogma.

2019 Pinarello Grevil - Dropped Chain Stay - Contender Bicycles

Like a lot of other gravel bikes that fit both a 700 x 42c tire and a 27.5 x 2.1″ MTB tire, the Grevil has a dropped drive side chainstay. It’s beefy to be sure. However, the seat stays follow the asymmetric marching orders too. The drive side seat stay is much less bowed, and thicker than the right side one, and meets the seat tube several millimeters higher. It all looks a bit weird at first but, the end goal is to even out the forces acting differentially on the rear triangle between the drive side and non-drive side. The two sides of the rear triangle end up being roughly the same size, for similar stress distribution.

Pinarello Grevil Frame - Asymmetric Design

Continue to the downtube and this too is remarkably sculpted and curvy. It pulls a ton from the Dogma F10 and Prince; the downtube is curved around the water bottle mount to shield water bottles from air flow, as well as a slot for a Di2 junction box. All of these curves and cutouts look truly purposeful when matched to the tight wheel clearances of a road bike, which I think is part of what divides so many. But all of those differences make the Grevil much more than just another gravel bike.

2019 Pinarello Grevil Carbon Frame Design - Contender Bicycles

There’s a lot to like when looking at the Pinarello Grevil gravel bike. Stop by our shops to see the Grevil in the flesh, give us a call during business hours, or send us an email any time to

2019 Pinarello Grevil Plus - Contender Bicycles


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