So Fresh & So Clean – The 2019 Contender Kit

One of music’s most influential groups of recent memory is Outkast. Based around the two-headed monster of Andre 3000 and Big Boi, the duo showed a remarkable ability to pivot between musical genres and stylings with ease. Perhaps their most-remarkable feat in their short tenure was their capacity to adapt and change their sound to unite myriad music fans toward a truly progressive sound. While we don’t claim to be anything like the Two Dope Boyz in a Cadillac, the arrival of the 2019 Contender Shop Kit shows that we here at Contender can adapt to the times as well.

2019 Contender Shop Road Kit

Sometimes, we like to reminisce about our cycling club of old, maybe even reliving the time when a former club member wore the Yellow Jersey at LeTour. This year, the common thread with our group remains the same: riders of all backgrounds who want nothing more than to share their love of cycling on and off the bike. There has been a substantial shift in what we ride, how we ride and when we ride over the years.

2019 Contender Kit

And while many equate cycling community to social media, we feel that there is more to being part of a cycling community than seeing what your friends did on Strava. We want to explore new rides, help build new trails, and share our love of cycling with like-minded people. We want experiences, and we want to share them with you all.2019 Mountain Contender Kit

What we’re offering as we launch this new Contender Shop Kit is a focus on bringing like-minded cyclists together for experiences. Regular group rides, fun events, and special offers at the shop are just a few bits of what this season has to offer. It also doesn’t hurt that our 2019 Contender Shop Kit is our freshest and cleanest yet.

This year’s kit offerings are our most extensive yet. Choose from three different short sleeve jersey options with a summer weight, aero fit or standard fit. New for this year are two different bib offerings in addition to the standard short option. As always, women can choose bibs or shorts. For cooler riding, we have a long sleeve jersey and a wind vest. Finally, there are long and short sleeve mountain jerseys. To see all 2019 Contender Apparel available, please visit the link HERE.

2019 Contender Shop Kit

As we are excited for the snow to melt to kick off the 2019 season, make sure to join our email list to be updated on Contender shop rides, or come on by the shop to learn more about our upcoming rides and events. Rides are open to everyone, regardless of kit, though letting the Contender colors fly is always fun.


Image of Dennis Tukua
Dennis Tukua says
March 20th, 2019

What are the differences in bib shorts other than $30.00?
Which road jersey is the better seller, most popular?
Thank you.

Reply to Dennis Tukua


Image of Alvin Holbrook
Alvin Holbrook says
March 20th, 2019


Great questions. We've explained the difference between the jerseys in this blog post, but we're expecting the big seller to be the 2019 Contender PRR jersey. The PRR jersey is a race cut, but the fabric is a bit stretchier and more accommodating than the Aero jersey. The Classic jersey is also a great choice, but I bet the PRR will edge it out in sales just slightly.

Regarding the difference in bib shorts, bibs the 2019 Contender Bib Shorts PRR uses flatlock seams all around, laser-cut bib straps and hems for a low-profile fit, and a slightly more compressive material. The bib shorts use the same chamois.

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