The OPEN U.P. ENVE Edition is Born to the Purple

The phrase “born to the purple” isn’t used too often these days. Originally used to refer to children born of prominent, high-ranking, or royal parents, it distinguishes children born specifically during a parent’s reign. Therefore, it only makes sense that an OPEN Cycle and ENVE Composites collaboration dons a color as regal as purple. This OPEN U.P. ENVE edition is not only the effort of two companies at the top of their game, but perhaps the most special limited-edition OPEN U.P. yet.

OPEN UP ENVE Edition side profile

This royal OPEN U.P. ENVE Edition frameset is more than just a frame, fork and headset. Instead, the package includes:

  • OPEN NEW U.P. custom painted frameset
  • ENVE custom compact handlebar, stem, and seatpost
  • BROOKS C13 saddle with custom anodized rivets
  • Custom painted front and rear fender

The OPEN U.P. ENVE Edition Frameset Package is $4,320.

Designed by Jonny Hintze of ENVE, this colorway is inspired by the iconic sunsets of Southern Utah over red rock. With just 30 complete kits available, we made sure to order in a full size range. The ENVE M525 Wheelset with custom color-matched stickers that you see in the photos are optional and can be ordered from us in addition to the frameset. If you already own a set of ENVE M525 Wheels, we have the color-matched decals available at the shop. Please contact us if you are interested in the OPEN x ENVE collaboration wheelset or the matching decals.

While both OPEN and ENVE make some of the best components and bicycles on the market, this collaboration brings together their best attributes in a unique tribute to the beautiful state of Utah. A royal package indeed.

We have a full size run of this very limited frameset in stock at the shop! Give us a call during shop hours, or send us an email at to get one for yourself.


Image of Dave
Dave says
May 8th, 2018

What's the price for this work of art?

Reply to Dave


Image of Alison Littlefield
Alison Littlefield says
May 8th, 2018

It is $4320.

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Image of Stan
Stan says
May 8th, 2018

That's a sweet gravel bike (it is a gravel bike, right)? Outside of racing and fire road usage, it would be interesting to see how this bike fits into someone's stable. How would someone exploit the use of this bike over a mountain bike in an off-road condition? I imagine in certain situations, like needing to cover a lot of ground quickly over a desert hard pack road that extends from horizon to horizon, I can see this bike might have an edge. But seriously, when would one choose this over a mountain bike? I'm interested in hearing from some owners of such a ride. Mean time, maybe I should check YouTube.

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Image of Alvin Holbrook
Alvin Holbrook says
May 10th, 2018

One of the reasons we like the OPEN U.P. (and its relatives) so much is because of how versatile it is. Instead of cyclists justifying ways this fits in their stable, many have outright replaced two or three bikes with this; with just a change in tires (or wheelset) the character of the bike changes pretty dramatically.
One of the creators of the bike Gerard Vroomen (of Cervelo fame) said his main intention was to make a road bike that can fit a wide tire for the riding he likes to do, which is road with dirt roads and paths mixed in. For that, it works phenomenally.
What we've seen this built up as is a road bike with 28c tires, a flat bar dirt crusher with 27.5 x 2.1" tire, and everything in between. Why would someone choose this over a mountain bike? Probably because they want to ride their bike to the trail instead of driving, or because there is plenty of pavement between each stretch of singletrack. Why would someone choose this over a road bike? It's versatility, and ability to do double duty both on and off road.
We were able to do a really insightful interview with one of the engineers of this bike. (Link HERE) I'm sure it would answer a lot of your questions regarding the purpose of this bike.

Reply to Alvin Holbrook

Image of Michael
Michael says
August 18th, 2018

Can I get a quote on a 46/32 Ultegra Di2 Hydro (Stages PM) 11-34, handlebar junction box, with Enve M23 wheelset package with this frame? Thanks!

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Image of Alvin Holbrook
Alvin Holbrook says
August 18th, 2018


Absolutely! I'll send an email your way with a quote for everything.

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