Four Things We Love About the 2022 BMC Roadmachine FOUR

Four Things We Love About the 2022 BMC Roadmachine FOUR

Written by Contender Bicycles, on July 05, 2021

We called the BMC Roadmachine road bike the performance road bike for the masses, and that stands today. It's appeal comes as an endurance road bike with sleek, data-driven lines influenced by aerodynamics that were the complete opposite of the rest of the endurance bike market.


New for 2022 is the introduction of the BMC Roadmachine FOUR, featuring a lightweight carbon frame and the new SRAM Rival AXS drivetrain. It is a bike on the cutting edge of performance, just made to be ridden daily, raced on the road on Saturday, and on your favorite dirt roads on Sunday. Shop BMC Roadmachine FOUR in stock now at Contender Bicycles.

To be clear, this won't be a review of the BMC Roadmachine road bike, as we've done a reasonably in-depth one when the bike was first released. Nor will this be a review of SRAM Rival AXS. We have a SRAM Rival AXS first look if you're curious to learn all about it.

Without further adieu, here are four reasons why we love the 2022 BMC Roadmachine FOUR.


Roadmachine: Thoroughly Modern

The BMC Roadmachine can be best described as a thoroughly modern road bike. It receives geometry that is comfortable over long distances, but just responsive enough to feel sprightly in a criterium. There are neat features to improve comfort, including a carbon D-shaped seatpost, and asymmetric fork, and flattened seatstays. But at the same time, the bottom bracket area is massive, just as the downtube is too. It's an interesting combination, one that is highly unique in the road bike market.

BMC Roadmachine FOUR SRAM Rival AXS in stock now

Interestingly, the Roadmachine FOUR lacks the fully internal cable routing that made the original Roadmachine so unique. That doesn't make the bike worse off, as it trades the internal cable routing for a standard stem and different fork. In short, you get similar performance to the Roadmachine 01 frame with greater adjustability and at a lower cost.

SRAM Rival AXS at Contender Bicycles

Truly Wireless Shifting

Why would you choose SRAM Rival AXS over something else out there? Well, for one, it is the latest groupset available from an ever-impressive range of shifting options from SRAM. AXS (pronounced 'access') indicates the drivetrain utilizes no cables or wires to shift gears, and with 12 speed, SRAM eTap drivetrains are some of the best in the business.

Besides SRAM Rival coming with 12 gears in the back, it comes with a wide array of options to make sure you get just the right drivetrain. Like other eTap options, it comes in 1x and 2x versions. It weighs in around 300g more than SRAM Force AXS, and even has a power meter option too. You even get the same simple functionality, with two buttons to control everything. Tap the left button for an easier gear, tap the right button for a harder gear, and press both simultaneously to shift the front derailleur. easy.


SRAM Rival AXS rear derailleur at Contender Bicycles

You even receive access to the SRAM AXS app. Pair your groupset to the SRAM AXS app and you receive the ability to adjust the shifting speed, shift patterns, and even which button does what. It is the same functionality as its pricier siblings, with few compromises in real-world performance


SRAM Rival AXS Offers Wide-Range Gearing

The BMC Roadmachine FOUR receives a wide-range 2x12 drivetrain. This consists of a 46/33t chainring combination and a 10-33t cassette, enough for great range on the flats and a low climbing gear as well.


The Best Reason? The Roadmachine FOUR Is in Stock Now

All of these features make the BMC Roadmachine FOUR a great choice amongst road bikes today. But the best part of it all is that the Roadmachine is in stock now and ready to ride at Contender Bicycles. It is a package with few compromises, and considering the level of quality the bike offers, the Roadmachine FOUR is sure to find plenty of happy homes.

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