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BMC Bikes

The Bicycle Manufacturing Company

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BMC was born in Switzerland in 1994 and raised surrounded by Swiss industry that is characterized by it's precision, attention to detail, and quality. Early into it's conception as a company, BMC began supplying bikes to the Phonak Cycling team, a Swiss professional road racing team. Andy Rihs, then the benefactor of Phonak Cycling, took over BMC in 2000 with the vision of building the ‘Porsche of race bikes’, and so he did. With time, BMC developed the Impec Advanced R&D Lab, a facility built specifically to develop new BMC models.

Precision engineering and an innovative approach to research and development are at the core of BMC and no other cycling manufacturer has so many tools at its disposal under one roof. Positive laboratory results lead way to real-world testing under the likes of the world tour BMC Racing Team, with names like Julien Absalon, Corrine Abraham, Cadel Evans, Ralf Näf, Thor Hushovd, and Taylor Phinney as the ultimate proof of the bike’s performance. Their professional input aids in creating new bikes that are ready to ride and built to win. With that, it is no wonder that BMC has such a vast array of technologically advanced premium road, mountain, and lifestyle bikes.

The All New 2018 BMC Teammachine

BMC's Pinnacle of Race Road Bikes

It can be sometimes impossible making changes to a modern classic, especially one as successful as the BMC Teammachine. However, with careful refinement and decades of of in-house carbon experience, BMC has managed to bring forth an incredible balance of light weight, stiffness and compliance, perfected with maximal integration and Swiss design.

Riders praised it’s handling characteristics and ride quality as traits synonymous with what a race bike should be like. Further, a Tour de France title, several World Tour wins, and a road World Championship means that there weren’t many things that could’ve been improved on the outgoing Teammachine. As a result, BMC have turned once again to their Accelerated Composites Evolution Technology (ACE) supercomputer algorithms to optimize frameset design. The new Teammachine is stiffer (a claimed 10% stiffer in the bottom bracket), more comfortable (again a claimed 10% more vertically compliant), and now capable of a voluminous 28 mm tire. This is thanks to a newly asymmetric fork, seat stay, and seat tube that adds material only where necessary.

A new addition is disc brakes, available for the first time through the whole SLR01 & SLR02 model line. Further, the new Teammachine SLR01 Disc takes a page out of the Roadmachine’s book and now features their Integrated Cockpit System (ICS), which hides cables cleanly for a very minimalistic, almost bare-looking cockpit. The rest of the model line receives a modular downtube cable stop (called DTi), where a Shimano Di2 junction box can be neatly hidden away. The new d-shaped seatpost is flat on the back to allow for additional flex, and is held by a newly-integrated seatpost clamp neatly hidden in the toptube. Rim brake models receive direct-mount brake calipers, which bring better braking modulation and space for up to a 28mm tire. With more integration, already outstanding ride & handling qualities, and disc brake capability, BMC have made the impossible possible to bring forth a better Teammachine.

BMC Road Bikes

Your Road Awaits

BMC is best known for their premium road bikes. The company started off through sponsoring pro racing teams, with the goal of offering bikes that are heavily invested in technology and design to top athletes. Andy Rihs, the person behind this level of investment, sought to develop the “Porsche of race bikes”. The line of BMC road bikes is a direct result of this, evidence that research and development lead to some of the best bikes in the world.

Redefining the endurance road category is the BMC Roadmachine, featuring hydraulic disc-brakes with thru axles front and rear and a not-too-stiff, not-too-soft ride. Designed with internally-routed cables and hidden brake-lines, the Roadmachine offers a sleek aesthetics on top of an industry leading level of compliance and comfort. The highly-adjustable stem allows any rider – from new enthusiast to experienced competitor – a wide range of handlebar positions to best suit riders’ fitting needs. Models like the BMC Roadmachine 01 Three feature this cockpit, called their Integrated Cockpit System (ICS), as well as their Tuned Compliance Concept to deliver powerful performance at the pedals, while maintaining comfort in the saddle from the first mile and beyond.

BMC tackles climbing and road racing with the BMC Teammachine road bike. They starts with BMC’s highest quality carbon fiber and uses their Advanced Composites Evolution (ACE) technology to test thousands of various frame configurations to find the optimal configuration of all parameters and desired qualities. As such, the frame is asymmetric, the seatpost is now d-shaped for greater ride compliance, and weight is set to just 810 g for the frame and 350 g for the fork disc model. Models like the BMC Teammachine SLR02 Disc ONE feature a modular downtube cable stop that BMC calls Dual Transmission integration (DTi) neatly tucks away a Shimano Di2 junction box, or removes cable stops all together for wireless groupsets. How does it ride? it dives into corners with great poise, urging you to go faster. The new-found compliance from the new seatpost and design soaks up rough surfaces and rutted roads with greater smoothness. It’s an all-around strong combination that makes the Teammachine such an exceptional bike.

Looking for outright speed? BMC offers the BMC Timemachine time trial bike, which they call “the fastest bike on earth”. To ensure the bike works according to the different rules of triathlon and UCI racing, BMC has developed a dual-mount seatpost an 80-degrees seat angle in the triathlon position or 71.5-degrees to be UCI legal. BMC did this by spending the last two years in the Sauber Engineering wind tunnel, with a philosophy they call p2p x subA. It has revised the tube shaping in every part of the frame with re-engineered profiles, using the popular truncated airfoil shape. Models like the BMC Timemachine 02 ONE demonstrate that there is such thing as free speed.

Utilizing BMC’s ACE (Accelerated Composites Evolution) Technology, engineers optimized every tube shape and carbon laminate to achieve BMC’s perfect pro tour bike. Between these diverse platforms, BMC offers a wide range in price points, ensuring each model achieves BMC’s performance standards.

BMC Mountain Bikes

Born on Swiss Dirt

Efficiency and speed inform all design of BMC mountain bikes. Technology, in terms of equipment, is undoubtedly the biggest differentiating factor and greater than the margins of physiological improvement. In making their line of mountain bikes, BMC has developed a line of advanced mountain bikes built to take on the legendary terrain of the Swiss Alps. With race-proven creed developed in through research and design, BMC mountain bikes will give riders a edge on the competition.

BMC’s race-ready model line start at the BMC Fourstroke and Teamelite cross country mountain bikes. The Fourstroke is one of the very few full-suspension mountain bikes to win the XCO World Championships, which alone sets it apart as an outstanding race bike. These values are exemplified in models like the BMC Fourstroke 01 TWO, which combine race-ready handling, low weight, and superior suspension kinematics. It’s combination of BMC’s Big Wheel Concept (BWC) geometry and Advanced Pivot System (APS) suspension design makes for an incredibly fast and capable cross country bike. Meanwhile, the BMC Teamelite covers the hardtail cross country bike spectrum. It is built for outright sprinting, but models like the BMC Teamelite 01 THREE features MTT (Micro Travel Technology). This micro suspension system relies on a dual-guide design to promote torsional and lateral stiffness and is available in 3 levels of damping. MTT allows the Teamelite accelerate like the fastest hardtail mountain bikes available, but provide better compliance over rough terrain.

The Agonist is a completely new mountain bike line for BMC. It takes the proven concepts and design points of the race-ready BMC Fourstroke to make a cross-country bicycle that is very well-suited for the kind of riding most mountain bikers on a daily basis, but adds a bit of stability when the terrain gets rowdy. Compared to the Fourstroke, the Agonist brings over an optimized Advanced Pivot System (APS) for maximum pedaling efficiency and braking control. BMC also use their Big Wheel Concept (BWC) to ensure confident handling and quick rollover. Major differences include increased 110 mm travel front and rear, with the rear shock featuring an EVOL air can to improve ride smoothness and traction over the first ¼ of the rear shock’s travel. It has also been designed with a slack 69 degree headtube angle, longer reach, and a lower standover height across all models. Models such as the BMC Agonist 02 ONE feature downtube and drive-side chainstay covers to protect the frame from abrasion, and a mudflap over the rear pivot protects from mud while keeping cable housing out of sight. The BMC Agonist is smooth and efficient when looking for rowdiness, and confident and stable once it’s found that rowdiness.

BMC claim to have made what every brand tries to make – an authentic ‘quiver killer’ – with their new Trailfox. The new Trailfox is a 120mm trail bike that truly excels at quick, efficient climbing, confident descending, and nimble turn-in for the tightest of switchbacks. They do this through their innovative Trailsync technology, which combines rear suspension adjustment and dropper post travel into a single lever. Leave the saddle at full height, and the rear shock is left in a climb setting. Drop the saddle by 20 mm or all the way down, and rear shock opens up accordingly for full travel. This feature, as seen on the BMC Trailfox 02 ONE, allows the rider to carry speed with greater ease, without further thought to adjusting the dropper post and rear suspension at the same time.

With varying models across all ranges, BMC Bikes has everyone covered. From long travel enduro to agile cross country bikes, there is sure to be a model with signature BMC engineering and design for every style of riding.

BMC Alpenchallenge

Maximum Style for the Commuter Crowd

For as fun as high-performance road bikes and mountain bikes can be, it is just as impressive when a company can absolutely nail an everyday kind of bike, like a hybrid. A hybrid with the BMC name has to uphold the premium quality, superior technology, and snappy ride that BMC is known for, and they’ve done just that with the BMC Alpenchallenge. Their interpretation of the everyday city bike, BMC brings speed and efficiency to a genre known better for dull bikes.

The BMC Alpenchallenge model line splits into two areas: the AC01 and the AC02. The AC01 is their crown jewel, as it uses an advanced triple-butted alloy frame with extensive tube shaping and short 412mm chainstays for low weight, brisk acceleration, and improved durability. It also offers options like a tapered full carbon fork, a Shimano Alfine 11 internally geared hub, and the BMC City Kit fenders from Curana, This custom fender kit uses an innovative quickconnect technology that allows the installation or removal of the fenders in less than a minute, as seen on the BMC Alpenchallenge AC01 One.

The AC02 model is their workhorse, using a butted alloy frame that is more simple in design but no less durable. With hidden fender and rack mounts, as well as hydraulic disc brakes across the model line and ample clearance for wide tires, it is sure to be reliable time after time. Models like the BMC Alpenchallenge AC02 Two offer versatility for both the open road and city, without losing the ride quality and performance orientation that BMC is famous for.

Both the AC01 and AC02 bikes offer an optional Gates Carbon belt drive system. The Gates belt drive reduces required maintenance (no periodic lube necessary) compared to a traditional chain, and won’t leave grease stains on unsuspecting pant legs. The Gates drive is also quieter and about 240 grams lighter than a traditional chain drive system. Regardless of model, the BMC Alpenchallenge hybrid bike offers agility, low weight, and versatility that makes these bicycles stand out from the crowd

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