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Rapha x OPEN Men's Pro Team Training Bibs

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Rapha x OPEN Men's Pro Team Training Bibs

Brand: OPEN
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Get ready to elevate your training game with the ultimate collab between Rapha and OPEN. Introducing the Pro Team Bib Shorts, finely crafted for high-output training rides. These shorts are your go-to solution for comfort and peak performance during extended rides in mild to warm conditions. Drawing inspiration from the original Pro Team Bib Shorts, a heavyweight in the World Tour peloton, these shorts feature a partly recycled fabric designed to provide optimal compression during demanding efforts. The size-specific chamois pad ensures a comfortable experience on those long training rides, while the elasticated leg grippers with silicone backing keep everything securely in place. Stay cool and composed with breathable bib straps made from mesh fabric, because when Rapha and OPEN collaborate, you know you're in for an exceptional ride.


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