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SRAM Maven Ultimate Splash Brakes | Limited Edition Expert Box

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SRAM introduces the Maven, a gravity-oriented brake system bridging the gap between light-duty Levels and heavy-duty Codes. These Ultimate Splash Brakes are a limited edition run for the release of the new brakes with only 2500 Expert Box sets available worldwide. The Maven disc brakes include a switch to mineral oil for improved control and tunability, extended service intervals, and a simplified pad system. The Maven boasts a larger caliper and lever body, Moto-style aesthetics, and exceptional power levels surpassing competitors. With 26 points of lever throw adjustment and 90 points of contact point adjustment, it offers unparalleled tune-ability. The Maven series aligns with the Ultimate, Silver, and Bronze tiers, catering to various preferences and needs.

Included with Edition 1 Expert Box:

  • Exclusive Red Splash Anodized Maven Calipers

  • Four HS2 Rotors: 1 x 180mm, 2 x 200mm, 1 x 220mm

  • Two Pad Options: Organic and Sintered Brake Pads

  • Sram Mineral Oil Bleed Kit: 140ml/5oz of Maxima Mineral Brake Oil, two syringes, fittings, barbs, olives and bleed blocks.

  • Sram Rotor Travel Bag

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