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Arundel Oil Slick Mandible Cage

SKU: 210000044190

Arundel Oil Slick Mandible Cage

Brand: Arundel
Categories: Bottles-cages
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Suitable for road, mountain, and triathlon bikes, the Mandible will help you stay hydrated on any ride. With an elegant design and form it has created a smooth surface on which the bottle can pass as its being released from its cages, without snagging or catching.

With two, thin arms the Mandible has a smaller contact area for grasping a bottle yet with its strong carbon fibers and unique design gives up to 40% more grasping power than other cages. Not only is it strong but with a foam core this cage's structure is incredibly light.

The Mandible Water Bottle Cage comes in one size with a weight of 28g.