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Cannondale 650 U Adventure 2

SKU: 210000134618

Cannondale 650 U Adventure 2

$599.99 $750.00
Brand: Cannondale
Categories: Urban
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When it really comes down to it, what are we looking for in a bike? Here at Contender Bicycles we believe that the essence of cycling is joy. That’s why the Cannondale 650 Adventure 2 is such an attractive bike. It is simple, extremely comfortable, and easy to control. Turn every ride into a joyride without decimating your wallet.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more comfortable ride than the Cannondale 650 Adventure 2. Constructed so that you’re always seated in an upright position, you’ll get a lightweight ride feel with a plush saddle and front suspension that’ll absorb all of the bumps and rolls of neglected streets and sidewalks. Additionally, you’ll have plenty of gears to get you up any terrain that the city and bike paths have to offer.

With a frame designed for accessibility, you’ll be able to easily step on and off the bike at a moment’s notice. The Adventure 2 sports Cannondale’s lowest step-thru frame and a kickstand so you can dismount and prop your bike anywhere.