3T Ergonova Team Stealth Handlebar Components 3T
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3T Ergonova Team Stealth Handlebar

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The 3T Ergonova Team Stealth Handlebar is a high-quality road handlebar made from carbon fiber. The carbon fiber construction of the handlebar makes it lightweight, strong, and stiff, which provides a great balance of performance and durability. The handlebar's Ergonova shape is designed to provide a comfortable grip for the rider, with a flattened top section and a compact drop that is easy to reach from the hoods.

This ergonomic design allows for a more natural and comfortable hand position, reducing fatigue and improving control during long rides. Additionally, the handlebar's Stealth finish gives it a sleek and elegant look that will complement any bike build. Overall, the 3T Ergonova Team Stealth Handlebar is an excellent choice for road cyclists who want a comfortable and high-performance handlebar that looks great too.

  • Material: Carbon fiber

  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8 mm

  • Reach: 77 mm

  • Drop: 123 mm

  • Width (C-to-C): 38 cm, 40 cm, 42 cm, 44 cm, or 46 cm (depending on model)

  • Flare: 6 degrees

  • Weight: 198 grams (42 cm width)

  • Finish: Matte Black Stealth

The handlebar is compatible with most modern road bike setups, and the 31.8 mm clamp diameter should fit most stem clamps. The available widths provide a range of options to suit different riders' preferences, and the 6-degree flare adds a bit of extra control and stability during descents. Finally, the lightweight construction of the handlebar should be appreciated by those looking to shave weight from their bike without sacrificing performance or comfort.

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