Cannondale Road Derailleur Hanger KP395 Components Cannondale
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Cannondale Road Derailleur Hanger KP395

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The Cannondale Road Derailleur Hanger KP395 is a replacement part designed for various Cannondale road bikes. The derailleur hanger is a small metal component that attaches to the frame of the bike and holds the derailleur in place. Over time, the hanger may become damaged or bent, which can cause shifting problems or even damage to the derailleur itself.

To ensure that you get the correct replacement part for your bike, it's recommended to consult your bike's owner's manual or contact a Cannondale dealer for assistance. They can help you identify the specific model of derailleur hanger that you need based on the make and model of your bike.

The KP395 model of derailleur hanger is a popular choice for many Cannondale road bikes. It has an overall length of 50mm, a mounting hole spacing of 18mm (center to center), and a mounting hole diameter of 6mm. These measurements are important to note when selecting a replacement hanger, as they ensure that the new hanger will fit properly and securely on your bike.

If you're experiencing shifting problems on your Cannondale road bike, it's possible that the derailleur hanger may be the issue. By identifying the correct replacement part and installing it properly, you can help restore your bike's shifting performance and get back to enjoying your ride.

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