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Q36.5 Men's Insulated WoolF Vest

SKU: 210000098602

Q36.5 Men's Insulated WoolF Vest

Brand: Q36.5
Categories: Vests
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The Q36.5 Men's Insulated WoolF Vest is designed to work both as an inner layer in winter, or as an outer layer in spring. The Q36.5 Men's Jersey Long Sleeve WoolF belongs to the bran's Cruise Equipment line, geared toward proper insulation, comfort, and performance in a myriad of conditions. A woven blend of polyamide and merino wool, creates an effective a push & pull of the internal sponge structure that removes moisture, leaves the skin less clammy on a ride, and feels very soft to the skin. Further, the material is designed to dry quickly, and in our experience it dries faster than nearly anything else we've seen. Reflective elements on the back of the jersey improve visibility without making the rider look garish.


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