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DT Swiss 6802 Bearing

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The DT Swiss 6802 Bearing is a high-quality ball bearing designed for use in cycling components, particularly in hubs and bottom brackets. Made with premium materials and advanced manufacturing processes, the 6802 Bearing is engineered for durability and performance, providing smooth and reliable operation under even the toughest riding conditions.

This bearing is compatible with a wide range of DT Swiss hubs and other components, and it features a standard size of 15mm inner diameter, 24mm outer diameter, and 5mm width. It is also lightweight, weighing in at just 12 grams, which helps to reduce the overall weight of your bike.

The DT Swiss 6802 Bearing is made with high-grade steel balls and races, which are precision-machined for a perfect fit and maximum smoothness. It also features a high-quality sealing system that helps to keep dirt and water out, ensuring that the bearing stays clean and protected, and that it provides a long service life.

The DT Swiss 6802 Bearing is a top-quality ball bearing that's designed for use in high-performance cycling components. With its durable construction, precise engineering, and advanced sealing system, this bearing provides smooth and reliable operation that's essential for serious cyclists who demand the best from their equipment.

  • Bearing type: Ball bearing

  • Inner diameter: 15mm

  • Outer diameter: 24mm

  • Width: 5mm

  • Material: High-grade steel balls and races

  • Weight: 12 grams

  • Compatibility: DT Swiss hubs and other cycling components

  • Sealing: High-quality sealing system to keep dirt and water out

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