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Enve Foundation AM30

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Click HERE for our first look at the ENVE AM30 MTB wheelset, including weights and impact and pinch flat toughness data compared to the competition.

While there is an array of quality carbon wheelsets to choose from, few have the cachet of a Made-In-Utah ENVE wheelset. ENVE Composites has been in the carbon fiber game since 2007, and it can be argued that they have led the charge toward lighter, stronger, and more performant wheels since their inception. Perhaps the only drawback to all of their research and development work was the price, which might be best described as aspirational. The ENVE AM30 wheelset brings all of the value of their carbon wheelsets to a $1600 price point.

The ENVE AM30 MTB wheelset belongs to the new Foundation Collection. Each ENVE wheelset uses their core technologies to make them best-in-class. This includes tubeless optimization and their Anti-Pinch Flat Optimization. This is achieved by using a hookless bead popularized by ENVE, with increased width at the leading edge rim that both dissipates energy upon impact while offering a secure bead fit. In essence, that means tires burp less and stay in place better, and rims are stronger over jagged-edged impacts and square corners alike.

ENVE’s AM30 also uses their molded spoke hole technology, forming carbon around pokes, and allowing as much continuous carbon fibers to be in place. This makes for a lighter, stronger rim that requires minimal spoke tension and fewer broken spokes. We’ve enjoyed the durability of recent ENVE mountain bike wheels, and the same technology in the ENVE AM30 means we should see much of the same durability and performance here, including the increased precision and ride quality that comes with ENVE wheels.

The ENVE AM30 wheelset features Industry Nine 101 hubs. We’re big fans of Industry Nine products, and even though these don’t have quite the engagement speed of the Industry Nine Hydra hubs, these work fantastically. They feature 90 points of engagement totally 4 degrees of engagement by way of a six-pawl driver and 45-tooth drive ring. Additionally, the standard J-bend spokes, quality I9 seals, and general build quality make this a top-notch performer.

Each ENVE AM30 wheelset features a 20mm rim depth with a 30mm internal rim width. 28 spokes are used per wheel front and rear and are laced to Industry Nine 101 hubs with Sapim Race double-butted spokes. Wheels are available with Centerlock-compatible rotors, with Boost and Super Boost hub options as well as SRAM XD, Shimano Microspline, and Shimano HG11 hub options. Total weight is 1852 grams and uses Centerlock brake rotors. Bike wheelsets like the ENVE 45 Disc feature Lifetime Incident Protection and a five-year material warranty.

Have any questions about ENVE wheels? Give us a call during business hours, or send us an email at any time to info@contenderbicycles.com.

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