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Fabric ALM Ultimate Shallow Saddle

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Fabric ALM Ultimate Shallow Saddle

Brand: Fabric
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The Fabric ALM Ultimate Shallow saddle is a premium road bike saddle designed for high-performance riding. The saddle features a carbon fiber shell that is both lightweight and strong, and it is covered in a waterproof microfiber material that is durable and easy to clean.

One of the standout features of the ALM Ultimate Shallow saddle is its unique construction. The saddle is made up of three separate pieces that are bonded together using a vacuum bonding process. This allows for precise control over the saddle's shape and structure, resulting in a highly-tuned riding experience.

The ALM Ultimate Shallow saddle is designed with a shallow profile that is intended to provide a comfortable ride for riders with a more aggressive riding position. The saddle is also available in a range of widths to accommodate different body types and riding styles.

The saddle is equipped with a carbon fiber rail system that is designed to be lightweight and strong. The rails are oval-shaped for increased stiffness and strength, and they are attached to the saddle using a unique braided carbon fiber system that is both strong and flexible.

In terms of comfort, the ALM Ultimate Shallow saddle features a minimal amount of padding. This is intentional, as it allows the rider to feel more connected to the bike and provides a more direct transfer of power. Despite the minimal padding, the saddle is still comfortable for long rides, thanks to its well-tuned shape and construction.

The Fabric ALM Ultimate Shallow saddle is a high-performance option for road cyclists who are looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and well-tuned saddle. Its unique construction and design make it stand out from other saddles on the market, and its range of widths make it a great option for riders of all body types. If you're in the market for a new road bike saddle and are willing to invest in a premium option, the ALM Ultimate Shallow saddle is definitely worth considering.



  • Shape: Shallow, with a slightly curved profile and a flat top surface

  • Rails: Carbon-fiber 7x9mm oval-shaped rails

  • Base: Flexible nylon base with carbon fiber reinforcement

  • Padding: Multi-density foam with a pressure-relief cut-out in the center

  • Cover: Waterproof microfiber cover with embossed graphics

  • Dimensions: 282mm length x 142mm width

  • Weight: 162 grams (claimed)

  • Recommended use: Road cycling, endurance riding, racing, and triathlon

  • Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year