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Fabric Scoop Saddle

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Fabric Scoop Saddle

Brand: Fabric
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Product Description

The Fabric Scoop Saddle is a high-performance and versatile saddle designed for road, mountain, and gravel cycling. With its unique shape and advanced materials, the Scoop offers exceptional comfort and support for all types of riding.

The saddle's simple and clean design features a curved profile that provides a comfortable and supportive platform for the sit bones. The saddle's nylon base is lightweight and flexible, allowing it to conform to the rider's movements and provide optimal support. The saddle's waterproof microfiber cover is durable and weather-resistant, providing long-lasting performance in all types of conditions.

The Fabric Scoop saddle range includes several different models, each with a slightly different shape and intended use. Here is a brief overview of the differences between the models:

  1. Scoop Flat: The Scoop Flat has a flat profile with minimal padding and a wide tail. It is designed for riders who prefer a more aerodynamic, performance-oriented position.

  2. Scoop Shallow: The Scoop Shallow has a slightly curved shape and medium padding. It is designed for riders who prefer a more upright, comfort-oriented position.

  3. Scoop Elite: The Scoop Elite is similar in shape to the Scoop Flat, but with additional padding for increased comfort. It is a good all-around option for riders who want a balance of performance and comfort.

  4. Scoop Pro: The Scoop Pro is a lightweight, high-performance saddle with a carbon fiber base and minimal padding. It is designed for competitive riders who prioritize weight and performance over comfort.

  5. Scoop Ultimate: The Scoop Ultimate is Fabric's top-of-the-line saddle, with a carbon fiber base, minimal padding, and a premium microfiber cover. It is designed for elite-level riders who demand the best in terms of weight, performance, and comfort.

  6. Scoop Radius: The Scoop Radius is a women's-specific saddle with a slightly curved shape and medium padding. It is designed to accommodate the anatomical differences of female riders and provide a comfortable, supportive ride.



  • Shape: Available in Flat, Shallow, and Radius shapes

  • Rails: Cro-Mo rails

  • Base: Nylon base

  • Cover: Waterproof microfiber cover

  • Width: Available in different widths depending on the shape

  • Weight: 245 grams (claimed)

  • Recommended use: Road, mountain, and gravel cycling

  • Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year