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Fizik Taiga Saddle

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The Fizik Taiga is a biking saddle designed for off-road adventures. It features a durable and weather-resistant microtex cover, as well as a reinforced carbon fiber shell for added strength and support.

The Taiga saddle also features Fizik's Wing Flex technology, which allows the saddle to flex and adapt to the rider's movement for increased comfort and control. The saddle has a unique shape that is designed to provide ample support for the sit bones, while the central cutout helps to relieve pressure on sensitive areas.

The Taiga saddle is available in both Regular and Large sizes to fit a variety of riders, and features a low profile and rounded edges for easy movement and control. Additionally, the saddle is compatible with Fizik's Integrated Clip System (ICS), which allows for easy attachment of compatible accessories.

The Fizik Taiga saddle is a top-of-the-line option for mountain bikers who want a durable, weather-resistant, and comfortable saddle for their off-road adventures.

  • Material: Microtex cover, carbon fiber shell

  • Size: Regular or Large

  • Length: 285mm

  • Width: 135mm (Regular) or 145mm (Large)

  • Weight: 225g (Regular) or 230g (Large)

  • Wing Flex technology for increased comfort and control

  • Central cutout for pressure relief

  • Low profile and rounded edges for easy movement and control

  • Compatible with Fizik's Integrated Clip System (ICS)

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