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Fizik Terra Aidon X3 Saddle

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Fizik Terra Aidon X3 Saddle

Brand: Fizik
Categories: Saddles
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This saddle is part of Fizik's Terra line, which is designed specifically for off-road riding. It features a short-nosed design that is meant to provide better weight distribution and increased stability, which can be especially important when riding off-road.

The Terra Aidon X5 saddle is available in a range of widths to accommodate different body types and riding styles, with the wider options being suitable for those with wider sit bones. The saddle is also designed to provide ample support for the sit bones and to reduce pressure on sensitive areas, such as the perineum. This is thanks to Fizik's Type 2 foam padding, which is designed to be supportive and provide comfort over long distances.

The saddle features a carbon-reinforced nylon shell that is lightweight and durable. It is also equipped with Fizik's Wing Flex technology, which allows the saddle to flex and adapt to the rider's movements. This can help to reduce pressure points and improve overall comfort on long rides.

In addition to its technical features, the Terra Aidon X5 saddle also has a sleek and stylish design. It is available in a range of color options, including black, black/grey, and black/red. The saddle also has a microtex cover that is durable and easy to clean.

The Fizik Terra Aidon X5 saddle is a high-quality option for gravel riders who prioritize comfort and stability on rough terrain. Its short-nosed design, range of widths, and Wing Flex technology make it a great choice for riders looking for a saddle that can handle the demands of off-road riding. Whether you're an experienced gravel rider or just getting started, the Terra Aidon X5 saddle is definitely worth considering.



  • Saddle Type: Gravel-specific bike saddle

  • Saddle Dimensions (width x length): 150mm x 270mm

  • Rails: 7mm round rails or 7x9mm oval rails made of alloy

  • Cover Material: Microtex

  • Padding: Type 2 foam padding

  • Shell: Carbon-reinforced nylon

  • Weight: 255g (alloy rails)