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PRO Cassette Removal Chainwhip And Lockring Set

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The PRO Cassette Removal Chainwhip and Lockring Set is a two-part tool used to remove and install cassettes on a bike's rear hub.

The chainwhip part of the tool wraps around the cassette and uses leverage to turn it counterclockwise, loosening it from the freehub body. The lockring part of the tool is used to remove the lockring that holds the cassette in place on the hub.

The chainwhip and lockring tool are specifically designed for use with 9/10/11-speed cassettes and are made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting use.

To use the PRO Cassette Removal Chainwhip and Lockring Set, first remove the wheel from the bike and insert the lockring tool into the lockring on the cassette. Then, place the chain whip over the cassette, making sure the chain is wrapped tightly around the sprockets. Finally, use the leverage provided by the chain whip handle to turn the cassette counterclockwise until it is fully removed from the hub.

Once the cassette is removed, use the lockring tool to remove the lockring from the freehub body. To install a new cassette, reverse the process, using the lockring tool to install the new lockring and the chain whip to tighten the cassette onto the freehub body.

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