Rene Herse 700c x 38 Barlow Pass TC Tire - Standard (Tan) Components Rene Herse
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Rene Herse 700c x 38 Barlow Pass TC Tire - Standard (Tan)

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Barlow Pass stands out as the ideal choice for most all-road bicycles, drawing its name from the picturesque passes in the Cascade Mountains that serve as its inspiration. Located near the ghost town of Monte Cristo in the northern Cascades, the Barlow Pass tire is tailored for rides that seamlessly blend both pavement and gravel elements. With a nimble feel reminiscent of a road bike, its 38 mm width ensures exceptional traction on both pavement and off-road terrain.

Crafted with a supple casing, Rene Herse's all-road tires effortlessly navigate surface irregularities, providing a smooth rolling experience. The tread pattern not only interlocks with the road for superior cornering grip in varying conditions but also strikes a balance with thickness, offering longevity in the center while maintaining thin and supple shoulders to resist wear.

Choose from our casing options to suit your preferences. The Standard casing delivers a blend of comfort and speed at an affordable price, while the Extralight casing elevates your bike's performance, comfort, and overall feel. For those seeking extra sidewall protection and puncture resistance without compromising speed and comfort, the Endurance casing is the optimal choice, reinforcing the tire for durability.

Notably, the Barlow Pass is designed to be tubeless-compatible, adding another layer of versatility to its capabilities.

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