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Shimano 105 5800 Front Derailleur

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Shimano 105 5800 Front Derailleur

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 The Shimano 105 5800 Front Derailleur is a high-performance component that is designed to provide smooth and accurate shifting on road bikes. It is compatible with 11-speed drivetrains and features Shimano's Wide Link design, which increases rigidity and reduces shifting deflection for more precise and reliable shifting.

The Shimano 105 5800 Front Derailleur uses Shimano's under-tape cable routing system, which helps to create a clean and aerodynamic look. This routing system keeps the derailleur cable hidden away from the wind, reducing drag and improving the bike's overall efficiency. The derailleur is also lightweight, with the braze-on version weighing approximately 90g and the clamp-on version weighing approximately 110g.

The longer link arm design of the derailleur improves leverage and reduces the effort required to shift. This means that riders can change gears more quickly and easily, without having to put as much force into the shift. The derailleur is also durable and reliable, with a high-quality construction that is designed to withstand the rigours of regular use.