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What’s an Otso? Otso is a Finnish mythological bear who dominated forests as its king. Otso, the product of engineers at Wolf Tooth Components, aim to ensure their bikes are kings of the forest, regardless of whether it's snowy or hot hardpack.

Why start a new brand when there’s already such a small slice of the fat bike pie available? Otso wants to make bikes that didn’t previously exist. Most people would just keep dreaming and hoping somebody would make their ideal bike someday but if you are the slightly crazy mechanical engineers and innovators from Wolf Tooth, you start a new bike company and spend every free minute making those bikes a reality.

Otso Voytek Trail Fat Bike

Plus and Fat-Tire Ready

The Otso Voytek is a carbon fiber hardtail mountain bike designed around the exclusive Otso Plus-Fat concept. It is a 27.5+ or 29+ trail bike that can also accommodate up to 26 x 4.6” tires on 70 mm rims. With the narrowest Q-factor of any production fat-tire-capable bike, it feels like a mountain bike, not a fat bike, and opens up a whole new dimension in summer or winter riding.

Also featuring their patent-pending Tuning Chip rear dropout system, the chainstay length can be adjusted from a fun and nimble 430 mm to a fast and stable 450 mm. Top it all off with modern geometry, a slack head tube angle, and a short rear center and the Voytek blurs the line between plus and fat. Ride it with fat tires in the winter, and swap to 29″ for the summer; the Voytek can do it all.

Otso Warakin and Waheela S

Drop Bars For Any Occasion

Otso claims to make bikes that don’t yet exist, but if that’s really the case then what separates their two gravel bikes, the Warakin and Walheela S? It’s simple: versatility, more than nearly anything in its class.

On forest trails, gravel roads, or urban streets, an Otso bike will inspire you to achieve your best in whatever way you ride. Take the Warakin. Like many other gravel bikes, it will fit either a 700c, 650b, or 27.5″ tire with room to spare. However, thanks to Otso’s tuning chip, the Warakin fits up to a 700 x 50c tire, 650 x 53b, or 27.5 x 2.1″ tires. The tuning chip means you can have short 420mm chainstays for quicker acceleration, or 440mm chainstays for additional tire clearance and greater road stability. Add in the stainless steel frame, and you have a bike truly built to last.

The Waheela S takes the gravel bike in a slightly different direction. It’s biggest feature is the Waheela S is suspension-corrected for use with the Fox AX gravel suspension fork. The enabling piece is a special lower headset cup that has a 20mm spacer integrated into the cup. It’s all one piece, and it installs in the head tube just like a normal headset cup. In short, take off the headset cup to run a suspension fork, or install the cup to run a standard carbon fiber fork.

Made from Reynolds 520 steel, the Waheela S employs the same tuning chip system found in other Otso bikes. This allows it to comfortably run tires from 700c x 28mm to massive 700c x 53mm, 29 x 2.1″, or 650b x 53mm for plenty of options. With this level of options, the Otso Waheela S was designed from the ground up to be the most versatile gravel bike available.

Otso Voytek Tuning Chip - Contender Bicycles

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