If asked to list off big names in cycling, you’d be forgiven for not jumping straight to 3T. But if you’re not familiar with them, you are truly missing out. 3T encompasses everything that we love about Italian cycling, from an acute attention to detail, to the infusion of Italian craftsmanship and flair in everything they do. 3T takes pride in delivering bikes and components that are remarkably unique and inspiring.

The 3T Exploro was on the forefront of the Aero-Gravel movement, combining road speed and off-road toughness, while the Strada is perhaps the most comfortable aero-road bike on the market. You can rest assured that within 3T’s comprehensive line of beautiful bikes, you’ll find your Italian Dream Machine.

3T does not bank entirely on what they build however, but equally on how they build it. Innovation has led the company since its inception in the early 1960’s and that principle has carried them “full circle” if you will, to being able to bring much of their carbon production back to Italy. This serves to illustrate a commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices that further separates 3T from the pack.

3T Extrema Italia

The 3T Extrema Italia, produced at 3T's cutting-edge Italian facility, is a recent addition to the brand's lineup alongside the Racemax Italia. Crafted for the toughest race circuits and high-speed adventures, it shares advanced carbon production technology with the Racemax but stands out by incorporating adventure-focused features. With leading tire clearance, triple mounts for bikepacking, and compatibility with electronic groupsets and wireless dropper posts, the Extrema offers riders flexibility for both adventure and performance cycling.

3T New Strada

The 3T Strada is born from the question, “Why suffer for speed?” With this as its mission, the Strada takes its place as the most comfortable aero-road bike in the industry. Designed around minimalist seat stays, a curved seat tube and the use of bigger tires, the Strada melds aerodynamics and comfort into a very fast package. The Strada encompasses a further host of design innovations and features that result in you going fast all day, every day.

3T RaceMax Italia

Inspired by the roads surrounding their factory in Presezzo, Italy, the 3T Racemax Italia encompasses everything special and unique about 3T, from the design to actual production.
The Exploro Racemax Italia is 100% made in the 3T factory in Italy. Using Filament Winding and Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) production rather than the standard manual layup and pre-preg carbon, the Racemax Italia represents 3T’s mission of innovation, quality and sustainability. Full tilt, full aero gravel perfection.

3T Exploro RaceMax

Weather on smooth pavement or the toughest gravel, 3T has always been about going fast. Bringing those two worlds together is what the Exploro Racemax is all about. Utilizing next-level aerodynamics including a rear wheel cutout, narrow headtube, bottle shielding downtube & aero profiles all around, the Exploro Racemax aims to be the fastest gravel bike you can get. Speed is nothing without control, so the Exploro Racemax also accommodates a wide range of tires and 700c or 650b wheels. Add to this a myriad of design details typical of 3T and you’ll have all the speed you need.

3T Exploro Ultra

The 3T Exploro Ultra dials back the Aero just a bit, in favor of working around the widest tires you might need. The Ultra has the worst roads in mind, but still wants to get you there fast. With this in mind, the aerodynamics are focused on providing max air flow integrating tires in the 55-61mm range. The Exploro Ultra illustrates the kind of forward thinking that 3T does best, just in reverse. The result is a gravel bike that can handle the gnarliest roads you can imagine, and still get you there really fast. There's still lots of pure function as well, like the fact you can use a standard round dropper post in the aerodynamically enhanced seat tube!

3T Boost

The 3T takes the fastest gravel bike, and makes it even faster! Using the same frame as the 3T Exploro Racemax, the Boost adds a customized Mahle X-20 drive system and keeps all the electronic parts neatly inside without the need for bulkier tubes or visible cables. The Boost can add extended range to your gravel adventures, help you keep up with faster friends and handle any all-terrain commuting in 3T, Italian style. Available in drop bar or flat bar variations, the Boost provides a light, agile ride, and extra power when you need it. Super capable, fast and fun!



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