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Giant Bicycles is far from being new to the bike game. But the brand is new - kind of - to Contender Bicycles. We sold Giant Bicycles several years ago and after being missing from our sales floor for a few years, we’re excited to have them back. With road, mountain, kids and electric bikes among Giant’s offerings, they are truly a Giant in the bicycle industry.

From the TCR Advanced line of road bikes to the Anthem and Trance mountain bikes, Giant makes many of the most popular bikes you’ll find on the roads and trails. Giant also has a wide range of affordable, but high quality urban bikes for those who ride to and from work as well as for fitness.

As a Giant dealer, Contender Bicycles is also happy to offer up bikes from sibling brands Liv and Momentum. Liv is Giant’s women’s specific line while Momentum bikes focus on urban lifestyle riding. All three brands offer quality bikes ranging from Tour de France worthy machines to casual fitness vehicles.

You may not have ever owned a bike with Giant on the downtube, but chances are you’ve ridden a bike made by Giant. Based in Taiwan, Giant has one of the largest and most productive bike factories in the world. If you pedaled a Schwinn in the 80s it was probably manufactured by Giant. In fact, as one of the few bicycle carbon fiber makers in the world, Giant’s technology and factories help produce frames for many of the biggest brands on the planet.

As a bike maker trusted not just by cyclists, but by numerous brands who contract with Giant for frames, you know Giant makes a quality bicycle that’s high on performance and value.

Giant road bikes


The Road Calls

As pioneers in mass bicycle production, it should come as no surprise that Giant makes some of the fastest and most popular road bikes in the world. Outfitting professional teams at every level and with dealer shops sponsoring local clubs and events from coast to coast, Giant has bikes fit for racing at breakneck speeds or for long century rides with the gang.

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At the top of the Giant road bike ladder is the TCR. Short for Total Compact Racing, the Giant TCR series of bikes broke new ground in road bike design and made some of the fastest rides around. The TCR Advanced SL Disc is cutting edge in speed, aerodynamics and raw power transfer. Watch the Tour de France and you’ll see racers on this bike. The Giant Propel Advanced Disc is a sprinter’s dream bike and designed for the fastest finishing stretch possible.

If you’re into endurance, Giant has you covered with the Defy line of road bicycles which are engineered with a more comfortable geometry that is perfect for Gran Fondos but also fully capable of mixing it up in road races and climbs.

The budget conscious rider will be more than happy on the Giant Contend AR. With a strong but lightweight aluminum frame and dependable mid-range components, the Contend series has options ranging from $1700 to less than a thousand dollars that will have you riding in style.

Giant has road bike that can fill the needs of every cyclist. If you feel the need for speed, you’re covered. If you just want to take it easy and ride from one end of the state to the other with a couple of scenic overnight stops, you’re in luck. As a Giant Bicycles dealer, Contender Bicycles will get you outfitted with the perfect bike for your needs.

Giant Mountain Bikes


This is Where You Go to Get Away From it All

Giant’s off-road bikes cover the range and the mountain ranges. An in-house suspension system dubbed Maestro is designed to deliver efficient power transfer to the rear suspension. Maestro utilizes four pivot points and two linkages to create a floating pivot point that reduces pedal bob and enables the rear wheel to travel vertically.

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If you’re into speed and cross country riding, Giant offers the full suspension Trance and Anthem bikes. Hardtail options like the Fathom and XTC open the door to novices as well as season racers who want to throw it down for podium appearances or simply pedal away the stress from a long week.

Giant is far from exclusive the high-end mountain biker. With an excellent entry-level hardtail in the Talon and the full-suspension Stance, riders on a budget can easily hop on a quality bicycle and enjoy hours of ripping it hard on trails knowing they’re pedaling a dependable bike that is made to go the distance.

Enduro and downhill riders will be pleased with the Giant Reign and it’s 170mm travel suspension system designed to put you in full send mode.

If you’re into dirt and bikes, Giant has a ride for you, regardless of the style of riding you prefer.

Gian Gravel Bikes


From the Road to the Dirt and Back Again

Take the scenic route with the Giant Revolt. An all-road (aka, gravel) bike with a traditional road bike feel but with wider forks and tires, the Revolt is perfectly happy on paved road, but is at its best when you venture away from the highway and find some dirt and gravel roads to enjoy.


With seven different models of the Revolt, Giant has all-road cyclists riding at any level. From the Revolt Advanced Pro with carbon frames and electric shifting to the Revolt 2 with it’s sturdy aluminum frame and mechanical components, there’s a Revolt for any rider - including the ones who prefer electric pedal assist provided by the Revolt E+ Pro.

Bikepacking never looked better and models such as the Roam and Toughroad have features that make getting into the backcountry a joy.

Cyclocross is kind of what got the gravel ball rolling and Giant’s TCX blends the best from the TCR road bike and the Revolt gravel bike to give cross racers an incredible mix of speed, handling and performance in the high-paced work of cyclocross.

Giant Commuter bikes


Everyday Bikes For Everyone

From the sporty and nimble Giant Fastroad to the Giant LaFree E+ urban pedal assist commuter, Giant has a range of bikes designed to make living, and getting around, in the city a lot more fun.

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The Giant Fastroad, with its electric pedal assist siblings, is a flat-bar road bike with all the speedy attitude and capabilities of a true road bike, but the city friendly handling and management that comes with the flat handlebars.

Getting from Point A to Point B can, and should, be fun. The Giant Escape offers classic bike experience with an exceptional price. Able to be mounted up with racks, fenders and more, the range of Escape bikes are a blast to ride.

Additional pedal assist bikes such as the Giant Roam E+ and Giant Explore E+ have opened the door for more people to enjoy riding bikes and are making the world a little healthier and the air cleaner in the process.



At Contender Bicycles, our best tools for selling bikes are the people who ride them. Everyone at Contender Bicycles has extensive experience riding bikes across many brands. If you have any questions regarding an Giant bike or want to discuss build options, email us at or by phone at Contact Us.