OPEN Cycle creates advanced bikes for riding dirt, gravel and rough roads. Their superlative MIN.D., U.P., U.P.P.E.R., and ONE+ frames are introducing riders to a new level of performance on rugged terrain. Each of these unique designs features the versatility to run multiple wheel sizes, while the ONE+ does so at less than 900 grams for a frame. To make all of this even better, OPEN Cycle frames maintain a superior ride quality through balancing expert engineering with thorough testing and proven construction. Contender Bicycles has been chosen to be one of the few dealers authorized to stock and sell this exciting new brand and we are happy to offer them to you.

OPEN MIN.D. California

An All-American Edition Open

Andy and Gerard bring frame production to California with a preliminary run of Raw OPEN MIN.D framesets. Stripped down the bones, these frames feel like they’re about to float out of your hands. Throw on a couple of bike parts and you’ll have yourself a machine that has climbing baked into its DNA. While the OPEN MIN.D California frameset is ready to paint, we recommend leaving it raw to show off the American-made carbon fiber layup.

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The OPEN MIN.D California hits the scales at a more than impressive 1,775g.


Modern Classic

With the OPEN MIN.D., OPEN Cycles harkens back to simpler days in which bikes were bikes and you rode them on whatever surface happened to lay below your tires. While OPEN embraces the modernity of gravel riding, they place the MIN.D before to demonstrate the beauty that’s possible through MINimal Design.

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The MIN.D offers a comfort-centric design to enable high speed and all-day comfort. Stiff, light, and pleasing to the eye, the MIN.D exists because there are many multi-surface roads to ride.

OPEN describes the tubing utilized in the MIN.D as ultra-efficient; this means they’ve gone to great lengths to shape for efficient power transfer, a low weight, and a high torsional strength. They’ve also included a continuous seat tube design to allow for extra comfort while avoiding gimmicky proprietary design.

One of our favorite parts of the MIN.D is its tire clearance. This puppy can handle modern road tires up to 32mm to lower your rolling resistance and to make for one of the smoothest rides around.


Winding Detours

OPEN’s newest frame comes from the idea of winding detours, hence the name WI.DE. The OPEN WI.DE goes a bit further than the U.P., as it’s set up more than ever for extreme terrain. As part of the new frame doubling down on extreme terrain, it takes the U.P.’s most-copied feature – the dropped chainstay – and drops the non-drive chainstay. Think of it as an U.P. made for the loose, rutty doubletrack we often find ourselves in, without sacrificing handling or clearance for road cranks.

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By dropping both chainstays, removing a front derailleur mounting point, and adding a 15 mm longer headtube, the WI.DE aims to provide slightly more neutral handling in techy terrain to complement the additional tire clearance. Outside of that, you’ll find five mounting points for water bottles, bags, or tool containers, and fender mounts for OPEN’s upcoming fenders. All said and done, the WI.DE fits up to a 27.5 x 2.4″ or 700 x 46c tire without taking away too much from the bike’s geometry.

A WI.DE frameset weighs in at a relatively lithe 1040 grams in a size medium, while the fork weighs 390 grams, lighter than a wide range of carbon road bike forks on the market today. This allows the WI.DE to have snappy acceleration out of the gate, a far cry from the heavier-set hardtails on the market today.

Five sizes of the OPEN WI.DE are available with the addition of an XS size, perfect for riders 5’1″ and up. This marks one of the smallest gravel bikes on the market, and definitely a position of need for many. Besides that, we’ll have WI.DE framesets available in the grey matte/gloss combination, Ready to Paint versions, and WI.DE complete builds to ensure riders receive their dream gravel bike.


Breaking New Ground

OPEN Cycle prides themselves on “working hard to stay small”. What does this mean? This allows founders Andy Kessler and Gerard Vroomen (of BMC and Cervelo frame respectively) to update their bikes when they want, and make specific bikes according to their needs and desires. With the desire and ability to change up frames however they want, it makes sense that they would introduce the OPEN U.P. as the newest evolution of their genre-melding Gravel Plus road bike.

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The U.P. is, by now, well-known for the ability to pound pavement or duel in the dirt, all with the comfort and control of your favorite road bike. Not limited to a traditional road or cross setup, we have built the U.P. frameset with a range of alternate setups, from 27.5 x 2.1” tires and XTR Di2, to dedicated 1×11 singletrack sleds, to flat bars and 700c CX wheels. These sought-after frames are proving that true versatility can exist without compromise, and they have put OPEN Cycle well on the map to the road less traveled.

This newest iteration of the U.P. receives a few small but important upgrades over the original frame. U.P. receives a 60g deduction in weight (to 1040g, size medium), and a 70g weight reduction to the fork. This is thanks partially to a swap to the U-Turn fork design originally fitted to the OPEN U.P.P.E.R. This fork necessitates a move to flat-mount disc brakes front and rear, as well as a swap to Syntace 12mm thru-axles front and rear previously seen on the U.P.P.E.R.

There’s also the ultralight OPEN U.P.P.E.R. It steers, accelerates, and handles singletrack with aplomb, and feels plenty stable on the road. Any other difference in ride quality is mostly unnoticeable because of a wide tire. However, 310g (220g from the frame, 90g from the fork) is nothing to sneeze at, and chopping off a two-thirds of a pound off of an already-light bike is a difference maker over a long ride, and in how tossable the bike feels. The U-Turn fork is the lightest fork of it’s kind to fit a tire as wide as this.

The OPEN U.P. is the best marriage we’ve seen yet of road riding sensibilities and the laid-back adventurous side of riding on dirt and gravel. It has changed the way many people see road riding, and has helped many others find new ways to enjoy the benefits of riding a bicycle.

To get some ideas for your own OPEN U.P., check out our write-up over at It’s Time To OPEN U.P., or take a look at our group of suggested OPEN U.P. builds.


More Tire, More Fun, More Speed

The goal of OPEN Cycle in making the OPEN ONE+ was “to build an extremely light but strong hardtail and ask ourselves ‘why shouldn’t we’ every step of the way”. This goal has been met and carried forward into their latest creation called the OPEN ONE+. Formerly with Cervelo and BMC, Gerard Vroomen and Andy Kessler are focused on pushing the envelope on what we think performance-oriented mountain and road bikes are capable of.


Though still a very small brand, OPEN Cycle benefits from being owned and operated by two individuals with decades of bike industry experience. Not only does it weigh in at less than 900 grams, the OPEN ONE+ is the lightest mountain bike frame on the market today that has passed the EFBE durability test. This superlight frame allows riders the unreal stability and traction of 27.5 x 3 inch wide tires without any weight penalty. Further, the OPEN ONE+ will easily accept 29 inch wheels to create a very fast, race-ready hardtail that can change its character on a whim.

When developing the ONE+, it was important to Gerard and Andy that the bike keep the feel and responsiveness of a cross country race mountain bike with the added ability to run a 3 inch wide tire. Once they decided to utilize the Boost platform – wider frame spacing to accommodate larger tires– they revisited every aspect of its design to make it the lightest plus size compatible frame on the market. The ONE+ frame allows the use of 29 x 2.4″ tires on a wide rim or up to 3 inch wide tires on a 27.5 inch rim (or 27.5 x 2.4″ and 26 x 3.0″ in size small), to give all of the advantages of bigger wheels without compromise in handling or performance. We have already helped many riders get out on the lightest, fastest mountain bike available in the form of a new OPEN ONE+ assembled to their specs.

OPEN Cycle made their ONE+ world-wide debut at our Salt Lake City headquarters. We built up a very special ONE+ for Andy Kessler for the launch, and have the build and images posted over on our blog. Preview: The OPEN ONE+ Mountain Bike.


Truly Custom, Down to the Paint

Whether, we like it or not, cycling aesthetic can sometimes be a touch-and-go experience. Equipment choices can be subjective, but how you look – fit, comfort, and colorway – are nearly as individual as it gets. For those looking for something that truly expresses who they are, OPEN offers their Ready to Paint frames. Together with our local painter, the OPEN U.P. RTP and OPEN ONE+ RTP are the blank canvas needed to build your dream bicycle.

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Why choose the OPEN RTP (Ready to Paint) frameset? Because you want to create a bike that is truly an extension of your style and taste. We offer an inside line to custom paint, in any way you’d like it. Everything is done with a wet paint, even down to the OPEN logo on the downtube. Custom paint generally costs $400-800, depending on paint scheme. Some examples can be seen on our Ready to Paint Gallery page. With a wide array of paints in both gloss and matte, the color of your next U.P. is only limited to your imagination.



At Contender Bicycles, our best tools for selling bikes are the people who ride them. Everyone at Contender Bicycles has extensive experience riding bikes across many brands. Ryan Littlefield is our resident Open Cycle expert and the owner of Contender Bicycles. If you have any questions regarding an OPEN or want to discuss build options, email him at or by phone at Contact Us.