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What happens when a bunch of friends who happen to be both engineers and bike nerds get together for a group ride then sit down for some drinks and chat? They notice all the little things they wish their bikes had built in and then create a business just to create the bikes for which they’ve been longing.

Born and bred on the famous gravel roads of rural southern Minnesota, Otso Cycles is a brand embracing its nordic legacy and Finnish namesake. Otso is the spirit of the bear in Finnish mythology and the bikes built by the brand embrace that toughness. With bikes made for snow, dirt, sand and gravel, the Otso line is versatile and innovative.

While there are currently only three bikes in the Otso family, you’ll love each and wonder why you don’t own them all. The Voytek is a fat bike with mountain bike capabilities. The Waheela C is a plush carbon framed all-road bike at home on the gravel but more than capable on pavement. The Warakin, available in stainless steel and titanium models, is simply a stunningly beautiful all-road bike as worthy of a showroom as it is a week-long bikepacking adventure.


Plus and Fat-Tire Ready

Is the Otso Voytek a fat bike or a plus-sized hardtail mountain bike? Yes, it is. Created to be one of the more versatile fat bikes on the planet, the Otso Voytek can adjust to the style of riding you anticipate or the trail on the map any particular day.

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The carbon frame gets things started with an exceptionally lightweight and agile base of operations. The real versatility, however, can be found in the rear triangle. Pick your favorite wheel size and the Voytek can roll with it. Tire clearance will rarely be an issue as you’re able to fit everything from 29 inch or 700c wheels with 4.6 inch tires to smaller 27.5, 26 or 650b wheels.

Throw on a suspension fork to take your rigid fat bike to hardtail fat-plus status and crush some trails that require a little more cushioning.

Making things even more versatile is the patented Wolf Tooth Tuning Chip on the rear dropouts. Flip the chip and you have a longer wheelbase. Flip it again and the 20mm shorter wheelbase provides a different vibe and raises the bottom bracket clearance by 4mm to help you push less snow when the powder gets deep.

Of course, it would be shameful to talk about the Otso Voytek without mentioning the Q Factor. The distance between crank arms, i.e. the Q Factor, is notoriously wide on most fat bikes. While that’s not a huge problem most of the time, you’ll end up with sore knees, hips and ankles due to the altered geometry of each pedal stroke. Over thousands of pedal strokes, that adds up. The Otso Voytek has a more narrow Q Factor so your pedal stroke geometry is much closer to that of your mountain or road bike fits.


Drop Bars For Any Occasion

There’s something classic and enduring about a beautiful bike constructed out of premium metals. The Otso Warakin - available in Titanium or Stainless Steel - embraces the timeless beauty of a perfectly crafted frame with modern tech to create a bike you’ll love showing off almost as much as you like riding it.

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The stainless steel and titanium frames are more than just pretty, however. The solid metal frames are strong, corrosion resistant and provide a stiff, responsive ride that gives you maximum power transfer to make each pedal stroke as rewarding as you make it.

Day trips and overnighters are natural fits for the Otso Warakin. With multiple mount options and configurations, you’re able to attach panniers, frame bags, fenders and racks to optimize the Warakin to be the perfect bike for all your off-road plans.

Of course, you’re perfectly able to use the Warakin as a daily rider around town. Designed to accommodate wheels and tires of many sizes, the Warakin can roll with 700c, 29 inch or 650b with up to 54mm or 2.1 inch tires. Swap out the rigid fork for some suspension and build yourself a lightning fast hardtail drop bar mountain bike. Pick your road, pick your tire and start pedaling.

Longer endurance rides are make more comfortable with the patented Wolf Tooth Tuning Chip dropout system. Shorter, racier or more technical rides are made faster and more responsive. The Tuning Chip gives you 20mm of wheelbase adjustment to alter your frame geometry to best suit the ride you’ve selected for the day.


All Road Gravel Fun

All-road riding is all about versatility. The Otso Waheela C takes versatility to the next level with its lightweight carbon frame, primo build options and the patented Wolf Tooth Tuning Chip permitting a switched up bike geometry to best fit your riding style.

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The Wolf Tooth Tuning Chip dropout system allows you to adjust the position of the rear wheel by 20mm, creating noticeably different riding experiences. With the Tuning Chip in the forward position, the wheelbase is shorter and handling is improved. Flip the Tuning Chip to the rear position and you’ve got a longer wheelbase with greater comfort and endurance for an all-day gravel ride.

Tire clearance is another big perk with the Waheela. While able to fit 29er, 700c and 650b wheels, tire clearance ranges from 54mm to 2.1 inch depending on the wheelset, you’re able to ride virtually any road you’ll run across.

Fully integrated internal cable routing along with extra mounting locations mean you’re able to carry packs, bags and water to turn your day ride into a week-long adventure off the grid. Available in the 1x or 2x build options, the Waheela C gives you the ideal frameset to build your dream bike for any occasion.


Dependable Components

The best way to make the best bikes is to have the best parts. Otso’s frames are unique, and they deserve uniquely created components to optimize to the fit and performance. Otso has joined forces with sister companies Wolf Tooth and Lithic to match their incredible frames with equally dependable components.

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Wolf Tooth is kind of a newcomer to the component game, much like Otso, but is making a big splash with quality parts with eye-catching colors and designs. The functionality is just as eye-catching. Parts range from single speed cogs to headset spacers and bottle cage mounts. The anodized colors pop off your bike and truly allow you to personalize your ride like few other bikes you’ll see.

Lithic builds the preferred wheels, forks and handlebars for a variety of Otso bike builds. The solid and lightweight Rhyolite wheels fit on the Voytek in 27.5 or 26 inch sizes. Carbon forks are available in fat bike size or the 400mm Hiili gravel fork.

Designed to compliment each other perfectly, the Wolf Tooth and Lithic lines of components make Otso a bike to treasure.



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