SCOR Bikes is a company that was founded on the radical idea that bikes should be about having fun. The company emerged from a team of innovators within BMC, who were inspired to create bikes that would deliver an exhilarating and enjoyable ride. With access to the manufacturing capabilities of a well-established bike company, they began experimenting with new designs and technologies, and soon realized that they had stumbled upon something truly revolutionary.

However, their vision for a bike that prioritized fun and excitement didn't quite fit with the performance-focused ethos of BMC, known primarily for its cutting-edge technology and engineering. So the team decided to strike out on their own and create a brand that would embody their philosophy of cycling as an adventure and a source of pure enjoyment.

Backed by the resources and expertise of BMC, the SCOR team began fine-tuning and testing their bikes on the challenging Chaumont jump trail. With a focus on speed, agility, and durability, SCOR has quickly made a name for itself on the mountain biking scene. They've created a line of bikes that are designed to push the limits of what's possible, while delivering an unparalleled level of fun and excitement.

In a world where cycling can sometimes be seen as a serious and competitive sport, SCOR stands out as a company that's all about having a good time on two wheels. Their bikes are built to deliver thrills and adventure, and to remind us all that sometimes, the most important thing is simply to enjoy the ride.

SCOR 4060 ST Trail Mountain Bike

SCOR 4060 ST

This futuristic, carbon-framed machine blends support, traction and float to make for enjoyable climbs and even better descents. Labeled "short-travel", this playful bike makes the absolute most of its 140mm of travel. Make no mistake, XC bikes will envy the every little mm of the 4060 ST's suspension. The down tube features a handy Stash box to store tire plugs, a multi tool and snacks to keep you rolling.

SCOR 4060 Z ST

All the fun and capabilities of the non assisted bikes, plus e-assist to coax you up the climbs. The 4060 Z ST sweats all the details of its unassisted brother or sister. As far as geometry charts go, they're the same. So the same 'kick-it-around' playfulness but with a battery and motor. The suspension is down low on the seat tube leaving enough room for a water bottle cage underneath the top tube — because who wants to head in just for water?

SCOR 4060 ST Trail Mountain E-Bike

SCOR 4060 LT Enduro Mountain Bike

SCOR 4060 LT

This charger is ready for the bike park or the rider who loves bouncing around off every rock, root or side hit. The suspension layout for the LT version of the 4060 features 160mm rear and 170 mm front travel from either the the RockShox ZEB Select / RockShox Super Deluxe Select+ or the Fox 38 Factory Grip2 / Fox Float X2 Factory Suspension. The SCOR 4060 LT is available with SRAM NX or GX drivetrains, with SRAM Code R/RSC brakes. These are the long travel bikes you've been searching for.

SCOR 4060 Z LT

With a powerful 720Wh battery feeding the Shimano EP8 motor, the SCOR 4060 Z LT is a powerhouse in the e-assited bikes category, and can power you up to new heights. And what goes up, must come down. The 4060 Z LT rolls out the red carpet for the trip down with RockShox ZEB Select / RockShox Super Deluxe or Fox 38E Factory Grip2 / Float X Factory suspension with a Shimano SLX or XT drivetrain respectively.

SCOR 4060 ST Enduro Mountain E-Bike
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