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Yuba Bikes is a brand that is dedicated to creating high-quality, practical, and sustainable bikes for all kinds of riders. Founded in 2006 by Benjamin Sarrazin, the brand's goal is to offer bicycles that are not only fun to ride but also functional and eco-friendly. Yuba bikes are designed to help people live a car-free lifestyle and provide an alternative to gas-guzzling vehicles. With a range of models that cater to a variety of needs, Yuba Bikes has something for everyone.

One of the key features of Yuba Bikes is their focus on practicality and versatility. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or taking the kids to school, Yuba Bikes has a model that can accommodate your needs. Their cargo bikes are especially popular, designed to carry everything from groceries to furniture, with some models capable of hauling up to 440 pounds. This makes them an excellent choice for businesses or individuals looking for a more sustainable and cost-effective way to transport goods.

In addition to being practical and versatile, Yuba Bikes are also environmentally friendly. With an emphasis on sustainability, the brand uses eco-friendly materials whenever possible and encourages riders to reduce their carbon footprint by using bicycles instead of cars. Yuba Bikes' commitment to sustainability extends to their business practices as well, with a focus on minimizing waste and using renewable energy sources. Yuba Bikes is a brand that is dedicated to making a positive impact on the world by providing high-quality, practical, and sustainable bicycles for all kinds of riders.

Yuba Bikes

Yuba cargo bike

Experience the ultimate in eco-friendly adventure and practicality with Yuba Bikes' top-of-the-line e-bikes, perfect for exploring the great outdoors or breezing through city streets in style. These bikes are equipped with high-quality motors and components that are built to last, providing riders with a reliable and efficient ride. Their cargo e-bikes, including the Mundo, Spicy Curry, and Supercargo models, are well-suited for carrying heavy loads and are perfect for businesses or individuals seeking a sustainable transportation option. The Boda Boda and Kombi e-bike models are versatile and ideal for commuting or leisurely rides. Yuba Bikes' electric cargo e-bikes are specifically designed to provide powerful assistance, making them an excellent option for traversing different kinds of terrain, including steep inclines and longer distances. With something for everyone, Yuba Bikes' e-bike models offer an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to traditional transportation options.

Yuba Accessories

Yuba Bikes' range of accessories is specifically designed to enhance the functionality and versatility of their cargo bikes. From the practical panniers and cargo straps to the stylish bread baskets and cover, these accessories make it easy to haul everything from groceries to small children. The ring handlebars provide a stable and comfortable grip, while the loader seats offer added comfort for your passengers. The baseboard adds extra support to the cargo platform, and the hold-on bars help keep your cargo in place. And with Yuba's reliable locks, you can rest easy knowing that your bike and its contents are secure. Whether you're using your Yuba bike for daily errands or long-distance adventures, these accessories make it easier and more enjoyable to get around with your cargo in tow.

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