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Italian design and cycling heritage collide beautifully under the name of Pinarello. Not only visually stunning, Pinarello bikes continue to push forward the engineering and performance needed to be the best. In the pursuit to make race bikes both lighter and stiffer, they haven’t forgotten to keep a tangible ride quality that other high-end brands have long forgotten. In doing so Pinarello does something uniquely Italian by paying respect to the history of our sport with new, technologically advanced racing bikes that maintain both beautiful ride and aesthetic.

Pinarello F10


Pinarello F10 Frameset

Since its inception in 2015, the Pinarello Dogma F8 has had a target on its back. Cyclists all over desired its svelte, powerful haunches that absolutely epitomized what a modern, race-tuned bicycle looked like. The F8 more than delivered on those gorgeous looks being purposefully stiff just where it needed to be, descending like few others and all the while being aerodynamic to boot. So of course, Pinarello took that formula made for the most-discerning riders and improved upon it with the new Pinarello Dogma F10.

The Pinarello Dogma F10 successfully builds on what many saw as a near-perfect race machine and made it… more. The Dogma F10 is 6.3% lighter overall, 7% stiffer, and impressively up to 12.6% more aerodynamic at the frame, and 10% more aerodynamic at the fork. It still retains the Dogma F8’s generous range of 13 frame sizes, and nearly retains the award-winning geometry of the previous bike. The cumulation of these efforts is a purposeful race frameset that places efficiency at the forefront to make one of the most well-rounded and efficient bicycles in the world.

Pinarello Dogma F8 and F8 XLight

Pinarello has earned more high-profile podium visits than any other brand in recent history, with a long line of victories under the professionals at Team Sky. Their bike of choice is the legendary Pinarello Dogma F8, with its blend of advanced aerodynamics and asymmetric design. In 2017, we see the new Dogma F8 XLight taking the lead, incorporating Dogma F8 advancements in an even lighter carbon layup. An almost 200 grams weight savings puts the XLight in a whole new class of superbikes.

The Dogma F8 XLight resembles the standard F8, using Pinarello’s Think Asymmetric frame design. Drive and non-drive sides of the bike see unique forces, and Pinarello has accounted for this by creating drastically different tube shapes and dimensions from left to right, and from the chainstays and seatstays all the way up to the fork. The real benefit to the XLight is its weight. Using a new grade of carbon and an advanced layup, Pinarello saves 200 grams over a standard Dogma F8. The cost?  A weight limit of 150 pounds.  And they’re also all but impossible to get.  For the real world, the standard Dogma F8 is as good as it gets, and is one of the most advanced, fastest, and best riding superbikes around.

Pinarello Dogma F8 Disc

More stopping power

2017 Pinarello Dogma Disc Hydro

Pinarello also upgrades the Dogma F8 Disc frameset for 2017 with the same proprietary carbon construction and race winning ride quality of the world class F8.  Pinarello maintains the exceptional power transfer and stiffness of the original F8 with the addition of disc brakes for incredible braking performance In all conditions. Disc brakes provide excellent stopping power on wet roads or long descents while also allowing the use of carbon fiber rims without the fear of overheating on blistering downhills. This improved braking technology is quickly becoming the norm on top-end road bikes and will soon be standard equipment for Pro Tour racers. For 2017, Pinarello adds 12mm thru-axles, front and rear, and flat-mount brake calipers to the Dogma F8 Disc for cleaner installation, improved lateral stiffness, and maximizing the stopping power of its hydraulic brakes. Pinarello makes the F8 Disc in an extended range of sizes to suit all adult riders with a spot on fit and comfort not usually associated with top-end bikes. Also, the proven combination of race-winning geometry, asymmetric frame design, and unique carbon fiber lay-up stay the same to make the Dogma F8 Disc an unreal performer built for the world’s fastest racers.

Pinarello GAN

Derived from the F8

2017 Pinarello GAN S 105 Bicycle

The Dogma has been a legend on the road, but Pinarello’s approach to design extends beyond their most premium bike. The Pinarello Gan looks nearly identical to the Dogma, and features many of the designs that make the Dogma F8 so good. Yet, due to less extreme engineering, and more reasonable carbon laminates used, the GAN series is priced for better accessibility.

Pinarello offers three different frame levels within the GAN range.  The most premium is the GAN RS, which features Torayca T900 carbon, the same used on the original Dogma 60.1 Frameset. This high modulus carbon, paired with Pinarello’s Think Asymmetric frame design, result in a ride that is buttery smooth yet highly responsive. Pinarello offers a traditional rim brake RS, a thru-axle equipped GAN RS Disc, and an Easy-Fit version. The GAN S uses the same frame design as the RS, but replaces the T900 carbon with a slightly less expensive T700 carbon. With just a slight weight penalty, the GAN S offers great Pinarello handling and performance for more recreational riders. Pinarello also offers a gravel version of the GAN S, dubbed the GR-S. This new platform is designed to accept up to 38c tires, making it great for adventure riding on gravel and dirt roads, as well as rough broken pavement. Finally, Pinarello extends the GAN down to a sub $3000 pricepoint, in both rim and disc brake options. The Pinarello GAN 105 continues its use of Torayca carbon, this time using a more economical T600 level.

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Chris Froome, Pinarello Dogma F8 Tour de France

Located in northern Italy, Pinarello’s heritage runs deep. Many regard Pinarello’s swooping, sculpted lines and paint finishes as some of the most beautiful and unique available. One of the standout features of all Pinarellos is their ride quality. Instead of making ultra-light, super fast handling bikes, Pinarello opts to build their bikes to be stable and confident, great for descending mountain passes or carving flowing corners. Pinarellos have a solid feel that is rarely seen from other road bikes, making for bikes that are at home in racing as they are on multi-hour gran fondos.

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At Contender Bicycles, our best tools for selling Pinarellos are the people who ride them. Each of us on staff has extensive experience riding bikes across many brands. Ryan Littlefield is our expert on Pinarello bikes. To contact Ryan regarding any questions, email him at or call him at the shop.