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Pinarello Bikes

Beauty, Technology, Passion

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Italian design and cycling heritage collide beautifully under the name of Pinarello. Starting in the late 1950’s, Pinarello has gained notoriety for their racing successes and victories, a testament to their dedication in making the best bicycles. Not only visually stunning, Pinarello bikes continue to push forward the engineering and performance needed to be the best.

In the pursuit of making race bikes both lighter and stiffer, they haven’t forgotten to keep a ride quality that other high-end brands have long forgotten. This is what makes their bikes so special; a tangible dedication to handling, ride feel, and liveliness that makes some other bikes feel lifeless in comparison. In doing so Pinarello does something uniquely Italian by paying respect to the history of our sport with new, technologically advanced racing bikes that maintain both beautiful ride and aesthetic.

Pinarello Dogma F10 & Dogma F10 Disk

The Pro's Weapon of Choice

The Pinarello Dogma F10 has had a target on its back dating back to the original Pinarello Dogma F8, and as far back as the Pinarello PRINCE Carbon. Cyclists all over desired its svelte, powerful haunches that absolutely epitomized what a modern, race-tuned bicycle looked like. The F8 more than delivered on those gorgeous looks being purposefully stiff just where it needed to be, descending like few others and all the while being aerodynamic to boot. So of course, Pinarello took that formula made for the most-discerning riders and improved upon it with the new Pinarello Dogma F10, and Pinarello Dogma F10 Disk.

The Pinarello Dogma F10 frameset successfully builds on what many saw as a near-perfect race machine and made it… more. The Dogma F10 is 6.3% lighter overall, 7% stiffer, and impressively up to 12.6% more aerodynamic at the frame, and 10% more aerodynamic at the fork. It still retains the Dogma F8’s generous range of 13 frame sizes, and nearly retains the award-winning geometry of the previous bike. The culmination of these efforts is a purposeful race frameset that places efficiency at the forefront to make one of the most well-rounded and efficient bicycles in the world.

The Pinarello Dogma F10 Disk frameset builds on the Dogma’s trademark asymmetric frame design to make the frame stiff where it needs to be, and just compliant enough for longer rides. To accommodate flat mount disc brakes, the Pinarello redesigned their legendary Onda fork design to withstand the loads of discs without losing the trademark aerodynamic fork flaps and other aero gains. This is complemented by new 12mm thru axles front and rear, which provide an even stiffer pedaling platform. Despite these changes, claimed frameset weights are nearly the same as those of the rim brake model.

Pinarello Dogma K10 & Dogma K10-S Disk

A Superbike for All-Day Exploits

With more riders looking for greater comfort without sacrificing performance and fit, Pinarello have responded with the Pinarello Dogma K10 and Pinarello Dogma K10-S Disk frameset. These two bikes take the performance of the F10 and combine it with endurance sensibility. While both feature geometry tuned for all-day riding, the Dogma K10-S Disk adds disc brakes and a unique elastomer suspension.

Few bikes are as distinctive as the Pinarello Dogma, and the K10 is no exception. The Pinarello Dogma K10 frameset features slightly shorter reach and taller stack than the exceptionally racy F10, thus better positioning the rider for long days in the saddle. Tire clearance is increased to fit a 28c tire to provide better grip on descents, while taking the edge off of choppy pavement. Pinarello slightly increased its wheelbase over the F10, thus making the bike more predictable and less twitchy. Beside that, it retains similar levels of stiffness, as well as the oft-praised Dogma ride quality the Dogma is known for.

If the K10 is a perfect 10 out of 10, then the Pinarello Dogma K10-S Disk frameset proverbially cranks it to 11. What makes this bike unlike anything else on the market today? An elastomer-based suspension system at the back called Dogma Suspension System (DSS).

Simply put, DSS is a small module at the seatstay that allows up to 10mm of shock absorption in the rear triangle to smooth out choppy roads and rough terrain. While relatively simple in design, it’s execution is spot-on and does an excellent job of providing a level of compliance that wouldn’t usually be there. Pinarello offer this in two versions: a standard version, and one with an electronically-adjustable damper, called eDSS.

For the real world, the Pinarello Dogma K10 and K10-S is as good as it gets. Combined, they are two of the most advanced, fastest, and best riding superbikes around.

Pinarello Gan

Pedigree Distilled into One Model Line

Amidst the praise heaped onto Pinarello’s lust-worthy Dogma bikes is the Pinarello Gan road bike. The beauty of the Gan lies in how much technology (and striking good looks) it shares with the Dogma, while bringing those characteristics to the masses. From the standard Gan to the upper-echelon Gan RS, the women’s-specific Gan Easy Fit to the gravel-ready Gan GR-S disk, there is a Gan emblematic of the Pinarello name.

The Pinarello Gan road bike is, at its core, a performance-oriented road bike. By trading out exotic T1100 Dream Carbon for simpler carbon layups, it retains much of the dreamy ride characteristics stereotypical of Pinarello. The Gan line starts with the Pinarello Gan 105, using Toray T600 carbon fiber, which has a tensile strength nearly as good as the high-end Dogma, while being a bit heavier and simpler in layup. The Pinarello Gan S Ultegra then steps it up to a Toray T700 carbon, which doesn’t make a huge difference in ride quality, but cuts frameset weight substantially. Pinarello then step it up to the top-end Pinarello Gan RS Ultegra, which uses a slightly more compliant T900 carbon that sacrifices a tiny bit of weight and stiffness to the Dogma, but drops the overall cost significantly. Each bike shares the same race road bike geometry, designed to be ridden as quickly as possible all over the road.

The Pinarello Gan K Disk Ultegra is where things start to get a bit more interesting. Seat tube angles and chainstay lengths are the same as the Dogma K8, and it shares asymmetric frame design and FlatBack tube shaping with that bike as well. Flex Stays are used for the seat and chainstays to keep road chatter and vibration at bay, while utilizing a FlatBack profile (curved at the bottom and flat at the back) for increased aerodynamics. It also features the Pinarello Onda fork, here tuned for smoothness. In comparison to the standard Gan models, the Gan K Disk flows through corners with aplomb and takes the edge off bumps thanks to its generous tire clearance and endurance road geometry.

Pinarello introduced the Gan GR Disk 105 and GR-S Disk Ultegra bikes for a wide range of uses, from pavement to rough, gravel roads. Gravel conquering was the main objective in making these bikes, and as such they both have clearance for 38c tires. These models share similarly sculpted tubing profiles, the same Flex Stay chainstay design, the classic Pinarello Onda fork, tying both to the Pinarello Dogma K10 and K10-S. The Pinarello Gan GRS Disk Ultegra receives a DSS shock, which has up to 10mm of rear wheel travel for a smoother ride without sacrificing pedaling stiffness. While distinctive, it works well to take the edge off of rough terrain, making this the ultimate gravel grinder.

While not as exotic as it’s sibling, Pinarello offers a Gan model for nearly every road-centric style of riding.

History of Pinarello

The World's Most Coveted Bicycle Brand

The genesis of Cicli Pinarello S.p.A is historically rich and flanked by years of racing success. The history started when the founder, Giovanni Pinarello, who most notably placed dead last in the 1951 Giro d’Italia, was offered 100,000 lire to leave the team. This small fortune directly led to investment in road bike racing, and eventually, the brand Pinarello as we know it.

Pinarello’s reputation is largely founded on racing success and victories. Starting in 1957, Pinarello began sponsoring teams large and small, with the end goal of racing glory. This led to a remarkable Giro d’Italia victory in 1975, further boosting the notoriety of the Pinarello name. Sponsorship of multiple teams over the decades has led to victories with legendary riders like Cipollini, Indurain, Riis, Zabel, Ullrich, Valverde, and Pereiro. Today, Pinarello continue to dominate the pro racing circuit thanks to names like Sir Bradley Wiggins, Nairo Quintana, and Chris Froome. While the rider is most certainly the motor, it is their success that is a testimony to Pinarello’s dedication to building the best bikes possible.

While Giovanni Pinarello started sponsoring racing teams in 1957, it wasn’t until 1961 that the Pinarello name was emblazoned on a bicycle’s downtube. For years, Pinarello specialized in steel tubing, with Columbus Tubi being the predominant supplier. Models like the Pinarello Montello SLX were legendary thanks to their combination of Columbus SLX tubing, race-tuned geometry, and relentless pursuit of superior build quality. They then progressed to the Pinarello Paris in the mid-1990’s, which hailed the use of ultralight aluminum and then carbon fiber. Today, the Pinarello Dogma is perhaps the most famous name and silhouette in road bikes today. This is thanks both to a lust-worthy combination of aerodynamic design, top-tier levels of stiffness, and race-ready handling. Make no mistake: Pinarello dominates the racing scene as much now as it did in the past, if not moreso today.

Today, Pinarello is led by Giovanni’s son, Fausto. The Pinarello name isn’t just seen on unattainable road bikes; instead, Pinarello offer a greater range of frames and bikes than ever. Models like the Pinarello Nytro e-road bike bring typical Pinarello handling to the e-bike world, making it also one of the lightest e-bike framesets available. The Pinarello Bolide TT was designed in conjunction with Jaguar to make one of the fastest time-trial bikes on the market today. The Pinarello Dogma XM 9.9 full-suspension mountain bike promises to be the Dogma of mountain bikes, with road bike levels of stiffness. Not to be forgotten, the Pinarello Treviso Disk brings Pinarello’s dedication to quality to the city bike, to those looking for quality and design in their city bike.

Giovanni Pinarello’s brand has come a long way. While starting as a footnote in Giro d’Italia history, Pinarello is one of the most famous and storied bicycle brands today. Pinarello made the best performing bikes in the market in the past, and the brand continues to do so today.

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