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Most Talon Ultra Handlebar/Stem

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Most Talon Ultra Handlebar/Stem

Brand: MOST
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Please note that Most Talon Ultra Handlebar/Stem availability starts mid-August 2019, alongside the Pinarello Dogma F12. If you place an order for the Most Talon Ultra Handlebar/Stem it will be a pre-order. Please contact us for availability, either by phone during business hours, or any time at

We're often excited when a bicycle comes with components like a seatpost or handlebar from a reputable brand. We're also often excited by bikes that are designed as a cohesive package, as a well-thought-out bike is always better than a kludge of components. But in the instance of the Most Talon Ultra handlebar/stem, Pinarello has created an integrated aero handlebar and stem that perfectly integrates with the Pinarello Dogma F12 road bike to make a faster, more aerodynamic bicycle.

The Most Talon Ultra effectively allows the Dogma F12 to completely hide its brake and shift cables inside the handlebars and route them through the inside of the bike's headtube. This leads to a clean look that is not only 5% more aerodynamic than the outgoing Talon Ultra integrated handlebar, but 10% lighter and 8.6% stuffer too. Outside of that, the Talon Ultra uses the same reach and drop numbers as the previous Talon Aero handlebar, with a slightly rounder top part of the handlebar to top it off.

The brand didn't stop at making the integrated bar and stem lighter and stiffer, but it also has structural improvements compared to the previous Talon Aero. Cables route internally to reduce cable drag by 85%, and the one-piece handlebar stem combo improves bicycle turn-in and directness of the bike's handling.

The Most Talon Ultra handlebar/stem is available in three widths (400, 420, 440 mm, measured center-to-center) and six stem lengths (90 mm -140 mm) to fit nearly all riders. It features a 125 mm reach, 80 mm drop, and 8-degree flare in the drops. As mentioned, this handlebar was designed with the Pinarello Dogma F12 in mind.