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Shimano SH-RC902 Sphyre Shoe

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Shimano SH-RC902 Sphyre Shoe

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Brand: Shimano
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Science is a wonderful thing. It leads to breakthroughs in medicine, aviation, and agriculture. It also serves up beauties like the S-Phyre RC902 road cycling shoe.  Call Contender Bicycles at 801-364-0344 for availability.

The bicycle wizards at Shimano dipped into their bag of knowledge to rework their award-winning S-Phyre shoe line up and found the next formula for fast - the 2021 S-Phyre RC902 - with more comfort, more style and more wow.

The S-Phyre RC902 introduces a 360-degree surround wrap upper, the first offered by Shimano, that creates a better-than-ever fit that hugs the entire foot arch and splits the hard footplates between the toes and heel.

The engineered fit minimizes energy loss, maximizes power transfer and gives you a pro-grade performance you’ll love.

A tough heel cup and anti-twist stabilization zone ensure a prime foot position that locks in quick cadences and fast acceleration by reducing any wasted motion that results in power loss.

A pair of BOA Li2 low-profile dials enable a micro-adjusted fit, extra quick release and add to the crisp, clean minimalist look of the Shimano S-Phyre RC902.

Foot comfort is arguably one of the most important factors in turning long rides into longer rides. Invest in a quality pair of road cyclings shoes and your feet will thank you.

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