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Syncros Silverton SL Wheelset

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Make no mistake, the Syncros Silverton SL wheelset is one of the lightest, if not the lightest mountain bike wheelset around. It weighs in at 1250 grams by way of a unique bonded carbon hub, spoke, and rim combination. It's not just the low weight that makes it unique, but a focus on moving all outside rotational weight to the center of the wheel. The result of their efforts is sharp handling, instant acceleration, and impressive durability.

The Syncros Silverton SL wheelset starts with spokes that are bonded from one rim to another and wrapping around a hub flange. This prevents weak points in the wheel while orienting fibers in the same direction. In total there are five spoke junctions on each side of a wheel. Spokes are then bonded to opposite side of a 35 mm-deep rim for lateral strength. Push in the hub shell in between each hub flange, add in the DT Swiss 190 hub internals, and the end result is an eight-piece design that keeps the wheel durable, build quality high, and attention to detail through the roof.

How does it ride? In a word, incredibly. Few wheels can match the tuned stiffness and ride quality of this wheel, and the low rotational weight really makes itself known on punchy climbs and steep, technical trails alike. Point the bike downhill and the precision and turn-in of the Syncros Silverton SL wheelset makes this feat of engineering worthwhile for XC world champions and serious mountain bikers alike. There's nothing else out there like it. It is the perfect fit for the SCOTT Spark RC SL mountain bike, or your lightweight XC MTB build.

With a 26 mm internal rim width, the Syncros Silverton SL wheelset is used best with a lightweight XC mountain bike build. It features DT Swiss 190s ceramic hubs, used with boost spacing. It features a SRAM XD driver freehub, though we are happy to swap for whatever DT Swiss freehub you’d like.

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