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Tacx NEO Smart Trainer

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Tacx NEO Smart Trainer

Brand: Tacx
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The Tacx NEO Smart Trainer is heralded by many as the best smart trainer on the market. Tacx have loaded up this trainer with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ FE-C receivers to allow the NEO to communicate with every application available, including Tacx Cloud. With a maximum simulated hill incline of 25%, max wattage capacity of 2200 Watts, and a power accuracy level of +/- 1%, the NEO is perhaps the most feature-filled trainer available.

The NEO Smart Trainer comes with more features than just about any other trainer. It can recreate cobblestone sensations during a ride (called road surface simulation), and has perhaps the best road feel of any trainer on the market. Surprisingly, it doesn’t need to be plugged in to be used (unless you want trainer control features). It is also exceptionally quiet, and doesn’t transmit as many vibrations as competing trainers, allowing for use in noise-sensitive places like an apartment.

Tacx offers the NEO as the premier choice for anyone looking for accurate power readings, quiet operation, and some of the best road feel on the market. It certainly isn't the perfect choice for everyone, but for those looking for the the best that Tacx has to offer, then there is no substitute.