Hot off the Press: the 2018 Contender Club Kit

Written by Alison Littlefield, on March 03, 2021

We’d love to see the return to the days of old where we had true cycling clubs in the community. Yes, we had members who raced (two who went on to compete in the Tour de France, land on the final GC podium and wear the yellow jersey) but we also had members that were predominately mountain bikers or bike commuters or riders focused on cycling advocacy. The club was a large group of diverse group of cyclists who lived and breathed cycling in many forms. Call us nostalgic but we yearn for the days of old. Lately there seems to have been a shift occurring pushing us back in that direction. Ultimately, it’s all about community and having a great experience on your bike whatever experience that may be. For 2018, we’d love to have you be part of our club. Sure you can race in another kit. No you don’t have to race. Only have one style of bike with either a road, mountain or gravel? No problem! We aim to provide members with an opportunity to participate in all aspects of cycling - from racing to recreational riding to advocacy. Every year the club is involved with a number of events, non-profit organizations, advocacy efforts, group rides, clinic, races and simple get togethers. Membership in the club includes additional benefits such as Contender club exclusive buying opportunities and monthly specials on apparel, accessories, components and even bikes. All you need to do is buy any piece of 2018 club apparel and you are a member. 2018 Contender Club Kit Lycra just arrived and is looking fresh! Look for a mountain short sleeve and ¾ length option to be arriving in a few weeks. Order your clothing through or come into the shop to dial in your size. We want you to look good and feel even better in our new design and we hope we hit the nail on the head. We’re excited for what 2018 has to offer. Plus there are some big changes coming to Contender Bicycles that we hope will make the club thrive. Find new opportunities, get a stylish 2018 Contender Club kit and be included in the Contender family. What’s not to like? 2018 Contender Bicycles Club Kit


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