Nuovo Tradizionale! - A Beautiful Pinarello Dogma F

A Pinarello F Born To Stand Out

Written by Joseph Bonacci, on May 02, 2023

Pinarello (and Italians in general) pride themselves on history and tradition, so when you see a fluorescent yellow Pinarello you may consider it an unconventional paint choice. However, you would be wrong. Even though it may not be obvious, fluorescent yellow is a Pinarello staple.

Pinarello F

Fausto Pinarello, son of company founder Giovanni “Nani” Pinarello, is rarely seen on a bike not sporting fluorescent yellow. Yellow and Pinarello have become synonymous due their record of 16 wins at the Tour de France. So when you pair a classic color with the futuristic carbon frame and the highest performance parts, you get a bike ready to dominate any situation. The Dogma F is one of the most advanced bikes on the market, and this build highlights the best aspects of the bike.
Pinarello F

The owner of this Dogma F used Pinarello’s MyWay custom paint program to match the high-vis yellow colorway of his Dogma F10 that he purchased a few years back as a stock color. The yellow has become as much a staple for this owner as it is for Pinarello. For those who truly want to make their bike their own, check out the MyWay program for a way to customize your paint.

Pinarello F


This custom build is centered around Pinarello’s pinnacle Dogma F. Pinarello used their T1100 1K Carbon, a high tensile and high modulus carbon fiber with Nanoalloy Technology to achieve the highest performance possible from the frame. The frame is equipped with all the bells of a modern carbon bike, including the TiCR cable routing system to ensure the bike remains clean and aerodynamic.

The next highlight is the beautiful Shimano Dura Ace groupset. Shimano Dura Ace is the epitome of function and performance. The twelve-speed Dura Ace drivetrain provides a wide range of gears with an 11-34 cassette paired to a 52-36 chainring. Shimano’s Hyperglide+ system makes chain drops less likely to happen, and allows the chain to shift smoothly over each cog. This drivetrain has proven to be one of the best shifting drivetrains out there, providing crisp electronic shifting.

Pinarello F

The DuraAce groupset features Shimano’s most advanced brakes to date. With Shimano’s new Serowave technology, the brakes will take much longer to heat up than their predecessors, allowing the rider to take long descents on the bike with a lower risk of losing brake power. The calipers, when not engaged, sit further away from the rotor than previous generations, so there is a much lower risk of your brakes rubbing. Shimano has once again shown their craftsmanship and expertise with these latest Dura Ace brakes.

The wheels for this build are the Zipp 353 NSWs. These tubeless ready carbon wheels allow you to run lower air pressure to give a comfortable ride, without sacrificing speed. The Wheelset focuses on being great in every scenario, as they are light enough to climb quickly, but still deep enough to give you aero gains on the flats. ZIPP claims the undulating 45mm deep rim profile provides an aero advantage and they certainly make the bike look faster.

Pinarello F

The rest of the build features Most carbon products. Most is Pinarello’s in house accessory brand, where they bring the high-quality and meticulous detail that features on their frames to their handlebars and seatposts. The Talon Ultralight Handlebar features a one-piece stem bar combination that is extremely stiff. This light and strong bar provides extreme performance through every corner, climb or sprint.

Pinarello Dogma F


Many road bike brands strive to be like Pinarello. Their record number of Tour de France wins shows their dominating performance. Pinarello’s 7 wins in 8 years during the 2010’s shows they have been beating out the competition with their modern carbon. Ironically, the only Italian who won in this period was not on a Pinarello! This custom Dogma F perfectly encapsulates the winning ethos of Pinarello along with their long history of performance and quality.

For those looking to check out the Dogma F, we have a few in our Salt Lake and Park City locations. Call or email us to get your own build started. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to reach out.


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