All-New Orbea Rise: "The Best Just Got Better"

Written by Ezra Jefferies on May 02, 2024

If you've been hitting the trails lately, you've probably noticed the increasing popularity of e-bikes. Gone are the days when they were solely for the older generation. Now, you'll find riders of all ages, from twenty-somethings doing self-shuttled laps on Bobsled to parents trying to keep pace with their rapidly improving kids. A significant reason for their surge in popularity is that e-bikes are beginning to resemble and perform like traditional mountain bikes. Leading the charge in this evolution is the Orbea Rise, a key player in the market.

Today, Orbea unveils the next generation of the Rise, boasting the tagline "Further, Faster, and More Fun, But Just As Light As Ever." Following in the footsteps of their acoustic trail bike, the Occam, the Rise now offers both long-travel and short-travel options, distinguished as LT and SL, respectively.

Frame Details

The completely revamped Orbea Rise is now sturdier, features updated geometry and offers increased travel. A quick glance reveals a newly added asymmetric design element to the front triangle, akin to the Rallon and Occam models. The strategic placement of the cross member, coupled with Orbea's Secure Battery System (SBS), enhances torsional rigidity, resulting in a more precise and confidence-inspiring ride. Orbea's aim wasn't simply to boost stiffness across the board; the frame now incorporates size-tuned stiffness, ensuring that each Rise size maintains the intended stiffness for every rider. Speaking of sizes, the new Rise can accommodate a 200mm dropper post across all sizes and a 230mm post on sizes L and XL.

Orbea Rise SL against colorful wall.
Motor and Battery

Rider Synergy (RS) is Orbea's custom firmware that collaborates with the Shimano EP801 motor to deliver the most natural motor feel and best-in-class battery range. The new RS Gen2 firmware enhances this experience further. We have frequently described the Rise as "best in class".  But what class are we talking about? There is a wide range of ebikes out there and a lot of merit in the different designs.  We'd argue the Rise has been the best "do-it-all" e-bike out there and we have no reason to believe this new version will not follow suit. Described by Orbea as a "Less e, more bike" approach, the Rise's next-generation firmware and electronics offer 15% more power, delivered at lower cadences. It comes with two preconfigured ride modes, RS and RS+, which can be adjusted via the Shimano E-Tube app. The RS mode provides a maximum torque of 54 Nm and is ideal for conserving battery during longer adventures, while the RS+ mode taps into the full 85 Nm of torque. With the introduction of a new battery, Orbea claims their riders were able to climb nearly 10,000ft on a single charge. To achieve this, two battery size options are available: a 420Wh battery for lighter riders and shorter rides and a 630Wh battery for those seeking the longest range. Additionally, for riders who desire even more, a 210Wh range extender is offered, which is smaller than a water bottle and adds only 1.1kg in weight.

Shimano EP8 Motor

Similar to the Orbea Occam, the Rise now offers both long-travel (LT) and short-travel (SL) options. The Rise LT caters to adrenaline seekers who ride for the descents. It features a 160mm Fox 36 fork upfront and 150mm of progressive rear travel. Notably, the new Rise LT boasts a 23% increase in suspension curve progressivity, making it compatible with both coil and air shocks. Conversely, the Rise SL is ideal for trail enthusiasts who seek to master the flow of each trail. Utilizing a carbon shock extender, the SL adjusts suspension kinematics, resulting in 140mm of rear travel with slightly more anti-squat than the LT for enhanced pedaling performance. With a 140mm Fox 34 fork, the SL also offers a lighter overall build. Both options retain Orbea's MyO Configurator, allowing customization of frame color and small parts according to customer preferences.

Orbea Rise LT Shock Link

In terms of geometry, both options differ from the previous Rise model. The SL maintains a similar geometry, with a 65.5-degree headtube angle but incorporates a longer reach (+15mm) and shorter chainstays (445mm to 440mm). Meanwhile, the increased travel of the Rise LT alters its geometry, slackening the headtube angle to 64 degrees, resulting in a slightly shorter reach and a higher stack compared to the SL. These adjustments are detailed in the geometry charts below.

Orbea Rise LT and SL head to head.

The new Orbea Rise represents the third iteration of a thrilling evolution in e-bike technology, adding enhancements in stiffness, geometry, and travel that promise an exhilarating ride. We have found that with the Rise, Orbea hits the sweet-spot when considering the bike's weight, the amount of torque, the feel of the motor's output and how the bike rides. With its innovative features and captivating tagline of 'Further, Faster, and More Fun, Yet Just as Light as Ever,' the latest iteration of the Rise is certainly turning heads. However, it's important to note that while the new model steals the spotlight, the previous generation remains a compelling choice. The older Orbea Rise still offers exceptional performance and reliability, making it a solid option for riders seeking a high-quality e-bike experience. Whether opting for the cutting-edge advancements of the new Rise or the proven excellence of its predecessor, riders can trust in Orbea's commitment to delivering top-notch biking experiences.

Orbea Rise Geo Chart


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